Top football derbies in Portugal

Portugal has several football derbies and specials. Not only football matches between clubs from the same city are referred to as derbies, but also matches between clubs further apart are sometimes referred to as a derby. This is often due to the club’s history, disputes and mutual rivalries. Frequent meetings in important matches between big clubs can also lead to fierce rivalry.

Visiting a Portuguese derby is a great experience. Teams are more fanatical than ever and are both extremely keen on winning. All matches highlighted in our derbies and specials are definitely worth a visit. Early booking is recommended, as football trips to these matches are very popular!

There are 3 big and successful football clubs playing in the Primeira Liga in Portugal, also known as ‘the Big Three’ – SL Benfica, Sporting Lissabon and FC Porto. Since the foundation of the Primeira Liga in 1934, only 2 other clubs have ever won the title; Belenenses in 1945-46, and Boavista in 2000-01. Every season, the Big Three are the main contenders for the title. Therefore, any match between these clubs is special and definitely worth a visit.  

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