It might be nice to know something about Sunderland before going on a football trip to Sunderland AFC. Besides the Stadium of Light, there are many more sights to see in Sunderland. Sunderland’s history involves shipbuilding, glassmaking and coal mines. There are little remainders of the shipbuilding and coal mines, but there is a museum based on the glass trade, the National Glass Centre. Discover Sunderland’s history and read everything about the sights in Sunderland. Have fun!

Discover Sunderland’s history

The National Glass Centre is not just a museum, but it’s a tribute to Sunderland’s history of glassmaking. The building itself is entirely made out of glass and steel and the glass-made roof provides you with a view of the galleries below. The museum will tell you all about the glass-making past and how it became such an important trade for Sunderland. Moreover, it was not difficult to find supplements needed for glassmaking, since it was just found in Sunderland itself: coal and sand. In the museum you can try to blow glass yourself.

Take a relaxing walk through the Winter Gardens

The Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens will provide you with all the information you need to know about Sunderland. It brings you back to the first Nissan that was produced in the largest car factory in the UK that marks a new era for Sunderland. Paintings and ceramics are displayed in the museum, as well and you can even take a relaxing walk in the Winter Gardens that contains over 2000 plant species. More museums can be found in Sunderland, which will tell you more about the history of Sunderland. Examples are the Ryhope Engines Museum and the Nort East Land, Sea and Air Museums.

Catch a breath of fresh air along Sunderland’s coast

Sunderland is located at the coast of the North Sea, which means that beach lovers are at the right place in Sunderland! You can come here for a relaxing walk over the beach or to stretch out a towel and lie down for a bit in Sunderland’s summers. Both the Roker and Seaburn beaches are long, wide and sandy and perfect to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. More relaxation can be found in the Roker Park, which is full of funny roads and lanes to explore. Children will like the park’s playgrounds, tennis courts, miniature railway and model boating lake. Herrington Country Park is also worth a visit when in need of relaxation or something more active, like skateboarding or an adventurous playground for the children.

Beautiful buildings in Sunderland

If you have already visited museums that have informed you about the city’s past, you might like to revive the past yourself by visiting historical buildings. The St. Peter’s Church where the famous glassmaking from Sunderland began, has been elected as one of the oldest stone churches in the country. The church dates back to the year 675. The Penshaw Monument, remarkable for its Grecian characteristics, is located just above Herrington Country Park. One more location where you are brought back into the past is the magnificent Hylton Castle, which has got a rich history you will want to explore. So, there's enough to do during your football trip to Sunderland!