FA Cup 2019-20

Each year, the top division football clubs from England have plenty of exciting football action: besides their full Premier League schedule - no fewer than seven clubs play European football - the annual FA Community Shield and the Carabao Cup, they also compete in the FA Cup.

Last named competition is famous worldwide. Each football club of any level down to level 10 competes in this annual knockout football competition. The large number of clubs makes the tournament interesting, because smaller teams unlikely to win might beat some of the top division football clubs.

Last season, the FA Cup title was won by Manchester City. Other top tier clubs from the Premier League had already been eliminated; the semi-finals were played between Manchester City – Brighton and Watford – Wolverhampton.

Considering that nearly every football club in England competes in the FA Cup, the regional qualifying rounds start in August. Several rounds are played between English clubs from level 5 down to level 10. When the Proper Competition starts, level 4 up to the Premier League clubs gradually join the 32 remaining clubs in the competition.

The FA Cup is a knockout tournament; there’s a single-elimination. If you lose, you are dismissed. Throughout the whole tournament, the first club drawn is at home. If there is no winner, the replay will be played at the other’s club home ground.

The Emirates FA Cup round dates for the 2019-20 season:

RoundNew entrantsDate
Qualifying Competition
Extra-Preliminary RoundLevel 9 and 1010-08-2019
Preliminary RoundLevel 824-08-2019
First RoundLevel 707-09-2019
Second RoundLevel 621-09-2019
Third Round-05-10-2019
Fourth RoundLevel 519-10-2019
Proper Competition
First RoundLevel 3 and 409-11-2019
Second Round-30-11-2019
Third RoundLevel 1 and 204-01-2020
Fourth Round-25-01-2020
Fifth Round-04-03-2020

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