Brentford Community Stadium

Brentford FC has only been playing at the brand-new Brentford Community Stadium since 2020. At the end of that season, the club promoted for the first time in the club’s history to the Premier League! Perhaps the new stadium had something to do with it…

Visit the brand-new Brentford Community Stadium

The new Brentford Community Stadium has a capacity of 17,250, which is almost 4,500 more than the Brentford's former stadium, Griffin Park. Griffin Park served as Brentford’s home base for 116 years, a true historical stadium. The stadium was known for its four stands, the Braemer Road Stand, the New Road Stand, Ealing Road Terrace and the Brook Road Stand. Griffin Park was also characterized by the four pubs at every corner of the stadium, where both Brentford FC fans, and fans of the opponent gathered to drink a beer before and after the match. That must've been a great experience!

Stadium for the community

Brentford FC is not the only one that uses the Brentford Community Stadium; the English rugby club London Irish plays their home matches at the stadium, too. The Brentford Community Stadium was also built with a specific goal. The name already tells you: the stadium has become part of a community. The arrival of the Brentford Community Stadium took care of the construction of 910 new residences, a communal square and several stores and cafes.

Visit Brentford Community Stadium?

There are several ways to get to the Brentford Community Stadium. The easiest and handiest way to get there is by metro. You’ll undoubtedly need an underground ticket when you’re in London, so that’s why we recommend using the underground. You could also travel by bus, train or taxi. This website maps out your entire trip for you and it also tells you how long everything takes.
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