Stamford Bridge

Stamford Bridge is a football stadium located in Southwest London in the Fulham area. The stadium is the home base of football club Chelsea FC, and it has a capacity of 41,837. Stamford Bridge is the eighth largest stadium of England.

Stamford Bridge: has been legendary for years

Stamford Bridge opened its doors in 1877. London Athletic Club had been using the stadium until 1904, when Chelsea FC took over the stadium. The stadium is also used for conferences and Greyhound races. Loads of important matches took place at the stadium and Stamford Bridge has been renovated several times. Chelsea’s got plans to expand the stadium to 60,000, which would make it the third largest Premier League stadium in London.

Stamford Bridge stands

Stamford Bridge transformed to an all-seater stadium around 1990. It was no longer allowed to stand in stadiums in England, so every stadium had to be provided with seats. The stadium contains four stands: the Matthew Harding Stand, East Stand, Shed Stand and West Stand. The Shed Stand is known as the stand where die-hard fans can be found and families with children can have a seat at the East Stand. Season-ticket holders usually are at the Matthew Harding Stand, due to the amazing atmosphere here. This stand was named after a former chairman of Chelsea, who died during a helicopter accident. 

Visit Stamford Bridge

Would you like to visit Stamford Bridge when Chelsea plays? There are several ways of getting to the stadium. The most obvious choice is by metro. You’ll certainly need a ticket for the underground when you’re in London because this is the easiest and fastest way of travelling in London. That’s why it’s recommended to travel through Underground when going to Stamford Bridge. You could also catch a taxi or walk to Stamford Bridge. Walking to the stadium does take over an hour when leaving at London's city centre.
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