Goodison Park

Goodison Park is a football stadium located in the Walton-area in Liverpool, about 3 kilometres from the city centre. The stadium is the home base of football club Everton and has been so ever since its completion in 1892. Its capacity is around 40,000.

Goodison Park: a true spectacle

It was the first major football stadium built in England. Goodison Park is a true football temple: it hosted more top-flight matches than any other stadium in England. The stadium is one of the most legendary football temples in England because of this. Plans for a new stadium to fit Everton’s ambitions have already been made - a new stadium for a new era. It will be located at the famous waterfront location Bramley-Moore Dock, within a historic World Heritage Site. The new stadium's capacity will be 52,000, with a potential to rise to 62,000.

Goodison Park’s history

Everton first played on an open field, where city rival Liverpool FC considered building a stadium later but didn't. Everton was asked to leave the field by the one who owned it, because the audience grew too large and too noisy. This is how they landed on a location close to Anfield Road where stands were built around the field for visitors. Everton played here for eight years. Several factors caused them to move again and the club to split up. When they left the place, the proprietor founded a new football club himself: Liverpool FC. What other choice did he have when in possession of a stadium nobody played in?

Visit Goodison Park?

There are two ways to travel from Liverpool’s centre to Goodison Park. One of them is by bus. Travel with bus 21 towards Northwood to Queen Square Bus Station and get out at Ludlow Street. You’ll already be able to see the stadium from here and you can walk straight to it. You could also travel to Goodison Park by train. Embark train Merseyrail towards Kirby at Liverpool’s central station and disembark at Kirkdale. It does take a little longer to walk to Goodison Park from the train station; 15 minutes. It doesn’t really matter whether you travel by bus or by train timewise because both ways take a little less than 30 minutes. Be aware of leaving well in advance because it’s very busy in the city on a matchday of Everton or Liverpool. If you would like to visit the legendary Goodison Park, you should book a football trip to Everton!

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