King Power Stadium

Leicester City has been playing all of its home matches at the King Power Stadium since 2002. Leicester played elsewhere before settling here. You’ll find information about the King Power Stadium below.

Admire the King Power Stadium 

Leicester played at their former stadium for 111 years until the players started to outgrow the stadium, which resulted in the club’s movement to another stadium. The distance between the new stadium and the former is only 200 meters. The sponsorship rights were bought by Leicester City’s former shirt sponsor at the time, the well-known crisps brand Walkers. That’s why the stadium was called the Walkers Stadium back then. The new stadium was opened in 2002 and had costed 43 million euros. Along with the relegation from the Premier League, this instantly resulted in financial problems for Leicester City. The club made it out because of other sponsors who supported them, which resulted in the stadium gaining a new owner and a new name: the King Power Stadium. The stadium's capacity is 32,262.

The stands of the King Power Stadium

It doesn’t matter when you visit the King Power Stadium because every stand is covered. The stands don’t have special names, as is the case in many other stadiums. The stands of the stadium are named after the directions of a compass. The only stand that's retrieved another name is the South Stand, which is now The Spion Kop. Families with little children can take place at the North Stand and the away section can hold 3,000 supporters. They are contemplating whether to expand the stadium again now, due to the many successes and ambitions of the club recently. 

Visit the King Power Stadium?

The distance between Leicester’s city centre and the King Power Stadium is 2.1 kilometres. It only takes twelve minutes to get to the stadium by bus. A ticket is between two and five euros. It takes four minutes when going by taxi, but this does cost a little more: between nine and eleven euros. Do you still have some time left or do you simply want to take a breath and go for a walk? Then you should go for it! It only takes around 30 minutes. Would you like to visit the King Power Stadium? Book your football trip to Leicester City and enjoy the convivial stadium!