The Den

The Den is a football stadium in South East London. It is the home base of football club Millwall FC. The Den has an all-seated capacity of 20,146. Millwall FC played in five other stadiums before moving their formation to the Millwall area.

The Den: discover the amazing atmosphere

Before Millwall moved to this Den, they played at another stadium which was also called The Den. Millwall’s former stadium is now being referred to as The Old Den. The Den they play in now opened in 1993 and is less than a kilometre away from The Old Den. The other stadiums Millwall played in were Glengall Road, Lord Nelson Ground, The Athletic Grounds, North Greenwich and The Old Den. Millwall played only a couple of years in the first five stadiums. They played 83 years in their former, beloved Den. Millwall has been playing at The New Den for thirty years now and the club is already completely used to playing there.

The Den's history

The New Den was the first all-seater stadium built in England after all stadiums needed to adhere to the all-seater rule, due to a tragic accident in 1989. According to a chairman of the club, it wasn’t possible to turn The Old Den into an all-seater stadium, so they decided to open a new stadium not that far from the old one. So, there was no need for the players to get used to the new location of the stadium. Opening a new stadium also opened the opportunity to improve the emergency exits: they would be shorter and simpler than they were at The Old Den.

Visit The Den?

Are you in London’s centre and would you like to go to Millwall’s stadium? You could travel with the Underground from Westminster to London Bridge. From there you need to board a train towards East Croydon and disembark at South Bermondsey. The stadium will already be visible from there and you only need to walk six more minutes to the stadium. You could also travel by train only. Then you should board the first train towards Sevenoaks at Charing Cross and disembark at London Bridge. The second part of the journey is the same as the previous one. Book your football trip to Millwall at Number 1 Football Travel and visit The Den!

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