St. James Park

St. James' Park is a football stadium located in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. The stadium has a capacity of 52,354 and it is the eighth largest football stadium in England.

Experience an authentic atmosphere at the St. James’ Park

St James' Park was built in 1880 and has been the home base of Newcastle United since 1892. The stadium was renovated and expanded many times in the past. Small changes took place before 1990 until John Hall invested in the club. He increased the capacity of the stadium to 36,000 but this wasn’t enough for him. The stadium needed more seats and some even wanted to open a new stadium. The city council didn’t agree with it, so they added an extra ring to the stadium. It followed with more expansions but it’s impossible to expand the stadium further now, since the stadium is adjacent to a road, and it’s surrounded by buildings. They did buy more ground to build either a hotel or conference rooms.

Great matches at St. James’ Park

A couple of important matches took place in the St. James’ Park. Three matches of the Euro 1996 were played at the St. James’ Park and some football games of the Olympics of 2012 also took place in the stadium. And, of course, the amazing Newcastle United plays all its home matches in the beautiful St. James Park. Another fun fact about the stadium is that it used to be written like St. James’s Park, but the apostrophe s was abolished around 1950.

Visit the St. James’ Park?

Would you like to visit the St. James’ Park? You can get to the stadium through metro, train, and bus. You could also walk to the stadium, of course. It takes around 10 minutes to walk from Newcastle’s central station to the stadium. When travelling by metro, you should get out at the St. James’ stop. You disembark the train at Newcastle’s central station. Bus 71 stops at St. James’ Park and leaves at the central station. It takes around 10 minutes to get to the stadium when travelling with bus 71. More information about travelling to the St. James’ Park can be found at this handy website or this local website. Book a football trip to Newcastle United and visit the fantastic St. James’ Park!

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