Loftus Road

Loftus Road Stadium is a football stadium located in Shepherd's Bush area in London. It is the home base of Queens Park Rangers. The stadium was built in 1904 and has a capacity of 19,148.

Loftus Road during QPR match is ambient

Queens Park Rangers have been playing at Loftus Road since 1917 and they took a wooden stand from their previous stadium with them. After moving into Loftus Road, they had to share their home ground several times. Rugby association The London Wasps used the stadium for six years and Fulham played two short years at the stadium until the construction of their own stadium was finished. Loftus Road contains four stands: The Loftus Road End, Ellerslie Road Stand, South Africa Road Stand and The School End. A new name was assigned to Loftus Road in 2019: Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium. However, locals still refer to the stadium as Loftus Road.

A beautiful tribute

Queens Park Rangers gave the name rights of the stadium to The Kiyan Prince Foundation to honour the former QPR youth player Kiyan Prince. The fifteen-year-old Kiyan Prince was stabbed after school while trying to stop a fight. The youth player paid with his life for protecting someone else. The renaming of the stadium isn’t just a beautiful tribute to the young talent of QPR, but it also draws one’s attention to the dangers and consequences of knife violence.

Visit Loftus Road

You can reach Loftus Road easily, just like all other stadiums in London. You can get everywhere in London with the Underground. Disembark the tube at White City station and walk for another five minutes to the stadium. Would you rather travel by bus? Bus 283 leaves at Hammersmith Bus Station and will bring you to bus stop Queens Park Rangers FC. Be aware of embarking the bus that goes towards East Acton, otherwise you’ll go the opposite direction. Would you love to visit the lively Loftus Road? Then you should book your football trip to Queens Park Rangers at Number 1 Football Travel!

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