St. Mary's

St. Mary's Stadium is a football stadium located in Southampton, home base to football club Southampton FC. It is the largest stadium of Southeast England, with its current capacity of 32,384.

Discover the ambience at Southampton's home base 

Southampton used to play all their home matches at The Dell, a smaller stadium at another, more cramped, location. In 2001, the club relocated to the new St Mary's Stadium, named after the original club Southampton St. Mary’s. All football stadiums had to be turned into all-seater stadiums before 1994, including The Dell. However, people kept on speculating that the club would move. It lasted a little longer than expected because they moved seven years later. It was highly necessary because St. Mary’s capacity is twice as much as The Dell’s capacity, so you can imagine how happy Southampton was with the relocation. Many fans also agreed on the fact that the club had returned home because the club was founded by members of the St. Mary’s Church. The construction of St. Mary costed 32 million pounds.

Fun facts about St. Mary’s

The stands of the stadium are named after areas in Southampton the stand faces. The four stands are called the Itchen Stand, Kingsland Stand, Chapel Stand and Northam Stand. Parts of the stadium’s roof are translucent so the field would be provided with more light. The official name of the stadium used to be ‘The Friends Provident St. Mary’s Stadium’. The new sponsor of the stadium chose to keep it simple and to change it to St. Mary’s. A statue of Ted Bates stands in front of the stadium, which had costed 102,000 pounds and was removed after only one week because many fans claimed the statue didn’t resemble the real Ted Bates enough. A new statue of the club’s former president was placed in front of the stadium a year later.

Visit the St. Mary’s?

It’s a four-minute drive to get to the stadium from the city’s centre. Do you not mind walking to the stadium to avoid traffic? It takes only 20 minutes to walk from the city's centre to the stadium. Is this not possible due to certain circumstances? No problem because there are plenty of other alternatives to get to the stadium. You can use the bus, train, or taxi. More information about travelling with public transportation can be found at this website. Book your football trip to Southampton FC and watch a fantastic game at the St. Mary’s Stadium!

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