Stadium of Light

Sunderland AFC’s stadium is called The Stadium of Light and it’s located in Sunderland. This beautiful stadium has a capacity of 49,000 and hasn’t always been Sunderland’s home ground. It’s the eighth stadium of Sunderland AFC. The first stadium of the club was called the Blue House Field and they played here in 1897. Sunderland moved six times before settling at Roker Park. Sunderland was finally satisfied, because the club has been playing here for almost a century. It was time for a change in 1997: Sunderland settled at The Stadium of Light.

Visit the historical Stadium of Light 

Roker Park’s record attendance was 75,118 and this was reached during a FA Cup match in 1933. When standing was no longer allowed in stadiums, due to safety measures, the capacity lessened drastically. The capacity of Roker Park was only 22.500 during the nineties. More supporters were able to watch a game of Sunderland when The Stadium of Light was established, because the capacity got expanded to 49,000. The new stadium is only three kilometres away from Roker Park. 

The story behind the Stadium of Light

The Stadium of Light is adjacent to the River Wear, a beautiful sight from the water. The stadium did not yet have an official name when it was being constructed, so people called it the Wearside Stadium or the New Roker Park. The stadium isn't solely used for football games. Music concerts also take place in the stadium and the stadium is in fact one of the most respected venues on the European music circuit. The stadium’s structure was inspired by Sunderland’s industrial past. The entrance is lighted by a Davy lamp, the lamp mineworkers always carried with them. The name of the stadium is also based on Sunderland’s brave mineworkers because they worked most of their lives in the dark. What a beautiful gesture.  

Visit Stadium of Light?

Would you love to visit a football match at the Stadium of Light? It only takes around six minutes to drive to the Stadium of Light with the car from the city’s centre. A walk from the centre to the stadium takes around 18 minutes. Would you rather use public transportation? Then you should hop on a bus at the city’s centre and you’ll arrive at the Stadium of Light within seven minutes. Bus 12, 13, 35A and 56 all drive past the stadium. Book your football trip to Sunderland FC and visit the impressive Stadium of Light!

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