Football Trips Eindhoven

You get to discover the city of Eindhoven when visiting a football match of PSV. Eindhoven is mainly associated with PSV and Philips. So, you might like it to do a stadium tour of the Philips Stadium or visit the Philips Museum. This is, of course, not the only thing you can do in the fun city...

Visit Eindhoven during your football trip

Would you like to eat something before or after the match? The Strijp S is a hip neighbourhood in Eindhoven where several restaurants are located. Many events are getting organised at the streets, so perhaps you’re lucky and you’ll witness such an event while eating lunch or dinner. Another beautiful modern building is the Blob and Bubble. It’s special that such a modern building is located in Eindhoven, because the city is mainly filled with old-fashioned buildings and architecture, like churches. Philips’ growth and Eindhoven’s modernization go hand in hand, which also resulted in the creation of the Blob and Bubble.

Eindhoven is a true student city. This means that the nightlife is lively and you should absolutely get a drink somewhere in the city after the match. The many students in the city took care of there being much street art in Eindhoven. You can admire a series of street art in the Silly Walks tunnel.

What else is there to do in Eindhoven?

If you do want to travel back to the past, you should visit the PreHistorisch Dorp (Prehistorical Village). This is a very cool village built in prehistorical style. You’ll be informed about prehistorical life here and walk you'll be able to walk on the scene. You can also visit other cities in Brabant, such as Breda or Tilburg in case you’ve seen everything in Eindhoven. You can reach these cities by car or by train. Enjoy the amazing city of Eindhoven during your football trip to PSV!

Stadiums in Eindhoven