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A football trip to Everton is a unique experience for every football fan. Grab the opportunity to visit Everton now they're still playing at the Goodison Park and book a football trip to Everton at Number 1 Football Travel. Continue reading and discover everything about the club and our football trips.

Everything for your football trip to Everton

A football trip to Everton is practically a journey back in time, which will be an amazing experience! Everton, one of the two professional football clubs of Liverpool, was established in 1878. The club is one of the clubs of the Founding Members of the Football League, which is currently known as the Premier League. The club won this competition in 1891. A nice detail of the club’s history is that Everton was established earlier than the other Liverpool club: Liverpool FC. Anfield Road was even the first stadium of Everton, but the club moved to Goodison Park – their current stadium – after a fight with the owner of the stadium. The owner of the stadium successfully founded Liverpool FC.

Visit a football match of Everton

Everton’s peak seasons were in the eighties under Howard Kendall’s leadership, they won the national title twice, the FA Cup and the Europa Cup II. Everton is a top club which tries to conquer a spot in the Europa League every year. Everton’s ambitions are always visible. Investments in the team were made last year in order for them to climb to the top. Are you interested in a football trip to Everton? This is the moment!

Visit Everton in Goodison Park

The stadium of Everton, Goodison Park, has a capacity of 40.000 and is a very ambient stadium. Plans for a new and bigger stadium adjacent to the river Mersey are already afoot, which will get a capacity of 52.000. Everton’s supporters are known to be heated fast and cheer the club on by singing every match. A football trip to Everton is therefore certainly worth a visit and isn’t less ambient than a match of their big brother Liverpool FC.

The Reds vs The Blues

You’re either dressed in red or in blue in Liverpool: you either love Liverpool FC or Everton. ‘The Blues’ is not the only nickname of Everton. The blue club from Liverpool is also known as The Toffees. This name was created because of the candy shop Mother Nobblet’s. This shop used to sell candy in Everton style: Everton Mint and Toffees. Many supporters went to the candy shop after a home match to buy Everton Mints and Toffees. The shop was also used as a meeting spot before and after a match. Everton got associated with this candy shop, due to all Everton supporters visiting the shop. This is how the famous nickname The Toffees emerged.

Football trips to Liverpool? Visit the Merseyside Derby

The most sensational football derby in Europe might be the Merseyside Derby. This heavy loaded duel is between Everton and Liverpool. Both of the clubs are from Liverpool and the emotional value is therefore great. Not only supporters, but also players are super fanatic during this match. Is this derby already on your bucketlist? Then you should contact Number 1 Football Travel for more information. The availability of this Merseyside Derby is quite restricted because of its extreme popularity. Contact Number 1 Football Travel for more information about this unique football trip to the Merseyside Derby.

Football trips Liverpool; combine it with a city trip

Football trips to Everton can be combined perfectly with a city trip to the beautiful Liverpool. Liverpool, Everton’s home ground, is adjacent to the river Mersey. Liverpool used to be a harbour city but is now known for its football and music. The city is the hometown of the Beatles. The city is therefore part of the World Heritage List of UNESCO since 2004 and was designated as the cultural capital city of Europe in 2007. The harbour city is perfect for going out at night and when you do so, you should absolutely visit St. Matthew’s Street.

Football trips to Everton? Be prepared for your trip!

Many football supporters who are going on a football trip to Everton are looking for single match tickets. Number 1 Football Travel always advises you to look up information before booking. Be prepared for your football trip to Everton and have a great weekend. Do you have any questions, remarks, or extra wishes regarding football trips to Everton? Then you can always contact us. We will always be available during your football trip. Number 1 Football Travel makes a success of every football trip. We guarantee:

  • A hotel in the centre of Liverpool
  • Breakfast is included in the price
  • Best prices
  • Seats next to each other in the stadium
  • A good view on the field

Any questions? Contact Number 1 Football Travel.

We wish you an amazing football trip to Everton!

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