Elland Road

The Elland Road Stadium has been Leeds United's stadium since 1919 and it’s located in the English city of Leeds. The stadium has a capacity of 37,890.

The fantastic Elland Road Stadium

The stadium was built in 1897 and opened the same year. The Holbeck Rugby Club used the stadium for 7 years and it was named after the pub that stood opposite the stadium: The Old Peacock Ground. Leeds City playued at the stadium from 1904 until 1919 when Leeds United succeeded the club. Greenfield Investment Pte Limited owns Elland Road. The stadium’s capacity was overreached in 1967 during the FA Cup finals between Leeds United and Sunderland. 57,892 people were in the stadium that match. The stadium is now used for both football and rugby and plans of expanding the stadium to a capacity of 50,000 are currently being made.

Location Elland Road

Elland Road is located in the convivial Leeds. An old-English stadium where you’ll definitely experience the true English football atmosphere. The stadium is a little outside a residential area, in the south of Leeds, which means you’ll be in the centre of city within no-time after the match. The outside of Elland Road is not as impressive as, for example, the Allianz Arena but the inside… it’s truly stunning! A match of Leeds United at the Elland Road is wonderful because you’ll be seated very close to the field, which is rarely the case in other stadiums. You’ll never see a football match up this close than you will at Elland Road.

Visit Elland Road?

It’s only a seven-minute drive from the centre of Leeds to Elland Road. There are two special bus services that’ll bring you to Elland Road on Leeds United’s matchday. Both buses leave 90 minutes before the start of the match. Bus R2 leaves at Sovereign Street and R3 departs at Pudsey Bus Station and at Thornbury Barracks. Other buses that leave towards Elland Road are bus 51 and 52 which leave at Corn Exchange on Vicar Lane, stop D. Buses 55 and 55C leave at City Square on Park Row, stop G. Do be aware that these buses don’t drive one hour before and after a match. You could also take the train towards either Northern or Transpennine Express to get to Elland Road. More information about transportation to Elland Road can be found at this website. Are you excited to visit Elland Road? Then you should book your football trip to Leeds United!