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Brentford FC – short for Brentford Football Club – is located in the neighbourhood Brentford in London. The historical club was established in 1889 and played in the Griffen Park from 1904 until 2020. Every corner of this stadium contained an English pub where supporters were able to get a beer before and after the match. That must have been an amazing experience! Brentford FC's ambitions took them to the idea of opening up a new stadium, and it finally happened in 2020: the Brentford Community Stadium opened its doors.

The new stadium of Brentford has got a capacity of 17.250 as opposed to Griffin Park, which only contained 12.763 seats. The name of the stadium – Brentford Community Stadium – indicates that the club’s ambitions go beyond the field: the stadium is part of a community. The arrival of Brentford Community Stadium resulted in 910 new places of residence, a communal square and various stores and cafes.

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Before Brentford FC’s promotion to the Premier League, they had been active in the Championship for seven years. This is not the first time Brentford FC is in the Premier League, but the last time was decades ago. The best result The Bees accomplished on the highest level of English football was the fifth place: this was their debut season 1935-36. The club has played in the second, third and fourth level of English football after WWII. The promotion to the Premier League in 2021-22 was therefore legendary. Thus, watching a football match of Brentford FC in the Premier League is rare. Do you want to be there? Book your football trip to Brentford FC easily online!

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Did you know that Brentford FC's most important condition of opening up a new stadium was the ambience in the stadium? Owner Matthew Benham promised that the Brentford Community Stadium would become a unique stadium and different than other new stadiums: the stadium would be small in order to preserve the fantastic atmosphere, but big enough to welcome more fans. They succeeded! See it yourself and book your football trip to Brentford FC quickly to enjoy the characteristic football of this Premier League new-comer.

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A football trip to Brentford FC means that you're also going on a football trip to London. London is the home ground of twelve clubs at the moment and they all play in the highest competitions of England. This means that you could visit more football matches within one weekend. Make your football trip extra special by visiting an extra match or do a tour of another stadium in London. You can also choose to go to a London Derby, like Brentford against Chelsea. The match between these clubs is also referred to as the West London Derby. We’ll provide you with the best advice!

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