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The Copa del Rey is the most important cup tournament of Spain. Almost every football fan would like to visit a football match of the Copa del Rey once. Are you amongst them? Then you should continue reading and book your football trip to the Copa del Rey at Number 1 Football Travel.

How does the Copa del Rey work exactly?

The Copa del Rey was founded in 1902 and is a cup tournament for Spanish football clubs. 125 football clubs participate in the competition, and they come from five different levels. Teams from the regional leagues of the fifth tier play a preliminary round. All qualified teams compete from the first round on – except for the four participants in the Supercopa de España. Primera División clubs face teams from the lowest divisions. Each round has single matches; only the semifinals have a return match. Famous football clubs participate in this well-known tournament every year. You could, for example, visit matches of FC Barcelona, Atlético Madrid, Real Madrid and Valencia.

The record-holders of the Copa del Rey

FC Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao reached and won the final of the Copa del Rey the most. FC Barcelona has won 31 titles and Bilbao is a true opponent with 23 titles. Real Madrid has reached the final the most of all clubs, but they also lost it more than they won it. However, they have obtained a third place with 19 titles. All teams should keep an eye on Atlético Madrid, because this club has become a very dangerous opponent.

Book a football trip to the Copa del Rey

Book your unforgettable football trip to one of the spectacular matches from the most important cup tournament of Spain. Number 1 Football Travel has been organising football trips to Spain for years now. We guarantee that you’ll stay in a hotel in the centre of the city, so you can see the rest of the city easily. We’ll also arrange perfect seats in the stadium with a good view of the field.

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Have an amazing time during your football trip to the Copa del Rey!

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