RCD Mallorca

RCD Mallorca, short for Real Club Deportivo Mallorca, is the football club of Mallorca. The club has been active on the highest level of football in Spain, La Liga since the season of 2021/22. Continue reading and discover everything about the island and the stadium in which they play!

Football trips to RCD Mallorca

Before going on a football trip to the fanatic RCD Mallorca, it might be nice to know something about the history of the club. On the fifth of March in 1916 it was a fact: a football club was established in Mallorca, named after the king. This name changed a couple of times until they settled on Real Club Deportivo Mallorca. The club started growing very slowly. They promoted to the highest level of football for the first time in the 1950’s. The club has been mainly active in the Segunda División A for the last couple of years, but this changed in the season of 2019/20. They managed to return to La Liga that season. However, it appeared they weren’t strong enough yet, but they wanted to try again. And they did because after only one season in the Segunda División A, they promoted back to the Primera División, and they are not planning on relegating any time soon.

RCD Mallorca’s victories

Despite of RCD Mallorca having not always been active on the highest level of football in Spain, they won some surprising titles and they also reached a few finals. The club ended third in the rankings of La Liga twice and they managed to defeat the mighty FC Barcelona once in the Spanish Supercopa. Since FC Barcelona had already secured their spot in the Champions League, RCD Mallorca could participate in the Europa Cup and with success, because they reached a spot in the finals. They even managed to participate in the Champions League once. They will always remember this at RCD Mallorca. They also won one Copa del Rey title.

Why go on a football trip to RCD Mallorca?

Football trips to RCD Mallorca are so much fun. There is a reason for this, of course. Would you like to know why a football trip to RCD Mallorca is so great? Read the following reasons:

  • The volition of RCD Mallorca. They won a few impressive titles over the years, even though they weren’t always playing in the highest league of Spanish football. This simply proves that they belong in La Liga.
  • Mallorca. A football trip to RCD Mallorca differs from other football trips because Mallorca has so much more to offer than a city. You could even extend your football trip with four or five days so you can relax on the beach or discover the island.
  • Famous football players. Clubs like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid aren’t the only clubs that have famous, great players. RCD is in possession of some great players, as well. Think about Antonio Sánches Navarro and Daniel Rodrígues Vázquez.

More than enough reason to book your football trip to RCD Mallorca...

Book your football trip to RCD Mallorca

Are you convinced and would you like to travel to the beautiful island of Mallorca to watch the fanatics of RCD Mallorca play? You’ve come to the right place, because you can book a fully catered for football trip to the Spanish island of Mallorca easily and rapidly at Number 1 Football Travel. We’ll make sure your football trip is unforgettable and we will arrange everything from A to Z so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We always take into account your wishes and we’d love to provide you with the best advice. You could contact us at all times in case you have questions about a football trip to RCD Mallorca.

Have fun during your football trip to RCD Mallorca!

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