Emirates Stadium

In 2006, football club Arsenal FC moved from the old Highbury Stadium to the new Emirates Stadium in London, also known as Ashburton Grove. Would you like to know more about the Emirates Stadium? Then you should continue reading!

A visit to the Emirates Stadium = phenomenal

Initially, the stadium would be called Ashburton Grove until airline Emirates became one of the club’s sponsors. However, locals still call it Ashburton Grove. Arsenal moved to Emirates Stadium in 2006 and signed a contract with Emirates that the stadium would carry the name Emirates Stadium for another 15 years. Arsenal would receive 100 million pounds because of this deal, which they’d love to receive after the opening of a new stadium which costed 430 million pounds. The stadium has a capacity of 60,361 and is the fourth-largest football stadium in England; definitely worth a visit.

Other functions of Emirates Stadium

The Emirates Stadium is not only used for football matches, but also for concerts and conferences. The capacity of the stadium is 72,000 when a concert takes place, and Coldplay sold all 72,000 tickets within thirty minutes. The first legend that performed at Emirates was Bruce Springsteen. The stadium is primarily used for football games, of course, and international matches are played here, as well.

Visit the Emirates Stadium?

The Emirates Stadium is about five and a half kilometres away from London’s centre. The Underground is seen as the most important, most useful and perhaps the fastest transportation device in London. That’s why it’s highly recommended to use the Underground while travelling to the Emirates Stadium. You can basically travel from any station in London to Emirates but make sure you’re able to read the underground map well. Would you rather travel differently? You could either get in a taxi or hop on bus 153. This does take a little longer; you’ll travel around 45 minutes by bus and 10 minutes by metro.
Do you want to see the Emirates Stadium with your own eyes? Then you should book your football trip to Arsenal before it’s sold-out!