Red Bull Arena

The Red Bull Arena is stationed in the German city of Leipzig and you might guess it already: RB Leipzig plays its home matches in this stadium. the Red Bull Arena’s capacity is 42,959. Great football matches were played at the stadium, like several matches of the World Championship in 2006.

Red Bull Arena’s history

The Red Bull Arena was opened in 1956. Plans for building a new stadium were already made in the twenties of the twentieth century. The stadium would become a large sporting complex where several sports would take place in. Due to an enormous economical crisis and the Second World War, the plans were intercepted. The debris of the bombings were used for building the stands of the stadium. When the stadium – the Zentralstadion back then – was finally opened, it was the largest stadium of Germany with a capacity of 100,000. The stadium existed out of one circular wall back then. The new stadium is built within this wall. The Zentralstadion didn’t last long and was broken down in the year 2000. The new stadium was only meant for football and reopened in 2004 as the Zentralstadion. The name changed to the current Red Bull Arena in 2010.  

Visit Red Bull Arena?

Fortunately, you can reach the Red Bull Arena easily from Leipzig’s city centre. They are only 2.8 kilometres apart from each other, which means you can walk to the stadium in half an hour. It also takes 30 minutes to reach the stadium through public transportation. Then you should board tram eight at Augustusplatz and you should disembark it at stop Sportforum Süd. Then you should walk another ten minutes to the stadium. You could also board tram seven to Waldplatz. In that case, you should board the tram at Hauptbahnhof. You need to walk approximately ten minutes to the stadium from Waldplatz. Make sure you’re headed to the stadium way in advance, because it could be quite hectic in the city on a matchday of Leipzig. However, this does mean you can already enjoy the ambience around the Red Bull Arena!