The Philips Stadium

The Philips Stadium is the home ground of one of the most successful clubs of the Netherlands: PSV Eindhoven. You’ll be seated in this ambient stadium when visiting a match of PSV. This top club has been playing in the Philips Stadium since its establishment in 1913. The Philips Stadium is probably the most developed stadium in Holland regarding technology, because Philips is a sponsor of the club. Visit a football match of PSV and admire the Philips Stadium with your own eyes!

Visit the Philips Stadium during your football trip

When PSV was established they instantly started playing in the Philips Stadium, which was known as the Philips Sportpark back then. The stadium is located in the vicinity of Philips village. This is a village created by Anton Philips to give his employees a roof over their heads. A pitch was constructed where Philips employees were able to play football after working. The Philips Elftal – PSV’s predecessor – was founded because of this. A stand was built where people could watch the team play. Several more stands were erected, but WWII destroyed these, unfortunately. A reconstruction took place and a stadium with a capacity of 36,500 was created.

Technological titbits in Philips Stadium

The Philips Stadium was the first Dutch stadium to install skyboxes within the stands and to erect 40-metre-high floodlights in the stadium. Matches could take place in evenings now. The stadium is characterized by four open corners which include constructions where air is flowing through with the aim of letting the grass breathe. The stadium contains various stands especially intended for certain audiences. There are special stands for teenagers up to 16 years old, for the disabled and for fans of the opposing team. The Family Corner is intended for parents with children up to twelve. Everybody can visit a match of PSV this way!

Visit the Philips Stadium?

The Philips Stadion is just a small distance away from Eindhoven’s city centre. It only takes twelve minutes to walk from the city’s centre to the stadium. Would you rather save this walk and go by bus? Then you should hop on bus 402 towards Veldhoven and hop off at bus stop Philips-stadion. It takes seven minutes to get to the stadium this way. Would you like to stand in the innovative, modern Philips Stadium to cheer on top club PSV? Then you should book your football trip to PSV quickly at Number 1 Football Travel!

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