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FC Schalke 04 was founded in 1904 in the street Schalke in Gelsenkirchen. The relegation in the season of 2021-22 was a real setback for Schalke 04, but the club got already promoted the year after and have returned to the Bundesliga – where Die Königsblauwen belong! Schalke 04 is the second biggest sports association in Germany and has 155.000 members. Despite of this impressive number, the club relegated to 2. Bundesliga in the season of 2021-22 because of mismanagement. The first time this happened was in 1991.

Football trips to Schalke 04

It all started in the season of 2018-19: Schalke ended up on the fourteenth place in the Bundesliga for the first time in eleven years; not a good result of the club from Gelsenkirchen. This appeared to be the beginning of an end: after a disappointing season, Schalke 04 relegated to 2. Bundesliga in the season of 2021-2022. The club was financially stuck after years of mismanagement. Coach Dimitrios Grammozis had to face the battle with few financial recources and had to fight its way back up anyway. Many players did not have another choice than to leave the club because of this.

Schalke 04 back to the Bundesliga

Dimitrios Grammozis got fired as coach of Schalke at the start of March, 2022. The club was on the eighth place in the rankings of the 2. Bundesliga and did not expect a promotion any time soon. Mike Büskens became interim coach and managed to get the club to the upper regions of 2. Bundesliga that same season. The club got even assured that they’d play in the championship of the 2. Bundesliga on the eighth of May, 2022 and they got promoted to the Bundesliga after having played only one year in 2. Bundesliga. Do you want to see Schalke 04 battle top clubs like Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich and Borussia Mönchengladbach? You can do this again! Book your football trip to Schalke 04 and experience football on a high level in the Bundesliga!

Visit the Kohlenpott derby during your football trip to Schalke

The promotion of Schalke 04 to the Bundesliga does not only mean that the Bundesliga contains one more top club in the competition, but it also means that the most exhilarating derby of Germany has returned. Besides the fanatic fans of the club and the fantastic stadium, the club is part of the Kohlenpott Derby. This match with ‘neighbour’ Borussia Dortmund has always been a tough one on the field, but the battle continues when the match is over. A football trip to the match Schalke 04 – Borussia Dortmund or the other way around is a wish for many people to visit: and you can finally visit this match again! Book the Kohlenpott Derby simply online on Number 1 Football Travel – it's recommended to book early!

Football trip to Gelsenkirchen

Do you want to go on a football trip to Gelsenkirchen to cheer on Schalke 04 together with 62.000 fans to the top of the Bundesliga? Dive into the nocturnal life of Gelsenkirchen after the match or enjoy one of the many restaurants in the city. This city has got much to offer regarding restaurants and cafes and is therefore perfect to combine a football trip with a city trip.

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