KV Mechelen

You’ll never forget a football trip to KV Mechelen. Is a football trip to KV Mechelen something for you? You’ll read everything about this fantastic club, their stadium and the city they play in at our website.

Football trips to KV Mechelen

KV Mechelen has achieved much since their foundation in 1904. The club won four national championships, two Belgian Cups and two European titles. These prizes don’t say much about the club’s overall results because KV Mechelen went through quite some ordeals the past twenty years. The club went into voluntary liquidation due to severe financial difficulties in 2002. Supporters launched large-scale rescue operations, which brought KV Mechelen back to professional football within a year. The only condition was that they were obliged to start at the lowest league in Belgian professional football. They returned to the first division within four seasons. There’s no doubt in that KV Mechelen is a fanatic club!

Top matches of KV Mechelen

The derby against Racing Mechelen is always an exhilarating one, but since the two clubs usually don’t play in the same league, the match is rarely played. Racing Mechelen is not KV Mechelen’s only rival. Football games against Beerschot, Royal Antwerp, and RSC Anderlecht are extremely popular, due to the rivalry between KV Mechelen and these clubs. It’s highly recommended to visit a game against one of these clubs. The games are very popular, so you’ll undoubtedly have a great time on the stand of the AFAS Stadium.

Combine football trip with city trip

When going on a football trip to KV Mechelen, you cannot only explore the beautiful city of Mechelen but you could also visit Belgian’s capital city Brussels, which makes this football trip even better. It only takes 45 minutes to travel from Mechelen to Brussels by car and travelling by train only takes half an hour. This is your chance to discover both cities. You can visit a bunch of churches and museums in Mechelen and you can alternate this with admiring the Atomium and the Manneken Pis in Brussels. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, you should probably extend your football trip with one or two days in order to get the most out of your football trip to KV Mechelen!

Visit the AFAS Stadium Behind the Army Barracks

If you booked a football trip to KV Mechelen, you’ll sit amongst the loyal fans of KV Mechelen at the AFAS Stadion Achter de Kazerne (AFAS Stadium Behind the Army Barracks). The stadium is considered to be sacred because fans believe it helped the club promote to Belgium's first division for the first time in history. Do you already see yourself standing at this beloved stadium amongst the devoted fans of KV Mechelen? Book your football trip to KV Mechelen quickly and have an amazing time at the historical AFAS Stadium!

Book a football trip to KV Mechelen

Number 1 Football Travel understands your football trip means so much more than just football. That’s why you'll receive extended travel documents before your departure in which you can find loads of information about the city. We’ll book you a hotel in the city’s centre, including breakfast, to make your football trip as perfect as possible. We won’t charge any additional booking fees, and all football trips are offered for the best prices. Furthermore, we guarantee to give you seats up to three persons side by side at the stadium. When your travel company is rather large, we will make sure you’ll be seated as close to each other as possible.

Have an amazing football trip to KV Mechelen!