The Olympiastadion in Berlin is the third biggest stadium in Germany and has a capacity of 74,244. The impressive stadium is located in West Berlin, and serves as the home ground of the Berlin football club Hertha BSC.

Discover the always ambient Olympiastadion

The stadium was built in 1936 for the Summer Olympics and its original capacity was over 100,000. After renovating the stadium in 2004, the capacity has decreased to 74,244. The Olympiastadion was at that time the largest all-seater stadium in Germany. This changed in 2005 with the arrival of the Allianz Arena in Munich. The Olympiastadion is part of the Olympiagelände, which consists out of a number of other Olympic sports stadiums. The 1974 and 2006 Wold Cups were also hosted in the stadium, and renovations of the stadium took place before both World Cup’s. The stadium was provided with a roof in 1974 and several other aspects were altered in 2006. The Olympiastadion is also used for other sports events and concerts.

Olympiastadion history

The first Olympic stadium in Berlin was built in 1913. This stadium meant to host the Olympic Games of 1916, but this edition was cancelled because of the First World War. The Games were hosted in Germany again in 1936 and some people believed the stadium needed replacement. It took only two years to build a stadium with a capacity of 100,000. The Olympiastadion is still characterized by the Olympic Games that took place at the stadium almost a century ago. When arriving at the stadium, you find two pillars where the Olympic rings hang in between. The field is surrounded by a blue athletics track and beside the stadium lies a swimming pool which was also used during the Games. The altar in which the Olympic fire was lit is still standing in the stadium, too. You can find a statue of relay runners and a list of the winners of the Games around the stadium.

Visit the Olympiastadion

There are several ways of travelling from Berlin’s city centre to the Olympiastadion. You could, for example, hop on bus 147 towards S Ostbahnhof at bus stop Friedrich-Krause-Ufer. You hop off at Berlin Hauptbahnhof and continue your itinerary by boarding train S5 to S Olympiastadion. This journey takes 49 minutes and is the fastest option to travel to the Olympiastadion. You could also hop on bus 123 towards S+U Hauptbahnhof from Perleberger Brücke to Berlin Hauptbahnhof. From there, board train S5 towards S Olympiastadion. It’s also possible to hop on bus 142 towards U Leopoldplatz from Fennbrücke to U Amrumer Strasse. Then you board metro U9 towards S+U Rathaus Steglitz to station Berlin Zoologischer Garten. From there, you board train S9 towards S Spandau Bhf to travel to the Olympiastadion. Choose the best option for you and visit the Olympiastadion during your football trip to Hertha BSC!

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