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A football trip to Ajax is certainly one of the most booked football trips to the Netherlands. Would you like to visit the beautiful capital city of the Netherlands during a football trip to Ajax? Then you should continue reading and book your football trip to Ajax at Number 1 Football Travel!

Visit a football match of Ajax

Ajax is the most successful club of the Netherlands for a reason, of course. Ajax was the first club that won the Eredivisie and this led to more victories. They have won 35 national championships, which means they have won the most national championships of all Dutch clubs. They have won more national titles: 20 KNVB Cups and 9 Johan Cruijff Shields. Ajax’s world-famous youth training has trained several high-skilled footballers, which is probably the reason behind their success. The training is seen as the place where great Dutch footballers are bred. Famous Dutch footballers who were trained here are Rafael van der Vaart, Edwin van der Sar, Wesley Sneijder, Matthijs de Ligt and Johan Cruijff, of course.

Ajax’s biggest rival is Feyenoord, without a doubt, and you’ll notice this immediately when you visit a match between the two clubs. Ajax and Feyenoord want nothing more than to win the match, because both clubs are ashamed when they lose from each other. The battle is not only fierce on the field, but also amongst supporters. A match between Ajax and Feyenoord is known as the Dutch Classic, the most exciting football match of the country. Another big opponent of Ajax is PSV Eindhoven. These three clubs form the Great Three. Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV have won all, except for six, national championships. Ajax doesn’t only achieve good results nationally; the club has made itself known internationally, too.

Champions League accomplishments of Ajax

Such a successful club as Ajax naturally also competes in the Champions League, which they already won 4 times. Only four clubs won the Champions League title more than four times. These clubs are the famous Real Madrid, AC Milan, Liverpool FC and Bayern Munich. So that’s a true accomplishment of the Dutch club! Ajax has also won two World Cups, three European Super cups and one UEFA Cup. This makes one of the five clubs that won all three UEFA head competitions. Top club Ajax is participating in the Champions League again this year and they will do anything in the world to win the competition again. Ajax’s supporters will support the club no matter what, but they do think it’s time they win the Champions League again. The last time Ajax won the championship was 27 years ago, but the supporters expect their club to walk away with the title this year. The club has to compete against big opponents Napoli, Liverpool and Rangers FC, but this doesn’t frighten Ajax. They’ll do anything to win this time!

Football trips Ajax

Ajax is not just a beautiful club with an impressive stadium, but the club is also stationed in Amsterdam. This gives you the opportunity to expand your football trip with a city trip. Book a couple of days extra and stay in the beautiful centre of Amsterdam.

You can book a fully catered for football trip to Ajax at Number 1 Football Travel. We guarantee that you’ll be seated up to three persons next to each other with a good view on the field. The hotels we offer are located in the centre of Amsterdam or next to the Johan Cruijff ArenA. Would you like to visit a match of Ajax in the Champions League, or do you want to buy single match tickets for a match in the Eredivisie? Don’t be afraid to contact us because we’ll provide you with the best advice!

Have an amazing time during your football trip to Ajax!

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