Football trips RB Leipzig

A football trip to RB Leipzig is absolutely fantastic. The inhabitants of Leipzig needed a push, but they support their club unconditionally now. Would you like to experience the atmosphere at the Red Bull Arena? Then you should continue reading and discover how to book a football trip to RB Leipzig.

Football trips to RB Leipzig

RB Leipzig was only founded in 2009. The sponsor of the club saw no future in the two football clubs that represented Leipzig, so the facility decided to set up a new club and this turned out to be very successful. RB Leipzig took over the licence of another club, which allowed them to start at one of the highest football divisions in Germany. RB Leipzig waltzed through the leagues easily and managed to play in the Bundesliga after only seven seasons. Their performances here are outstanding and they expect to steal the title from the dominant Bayern Munich.

RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga

It wasn’t easy for the newly formed football club in Germany to tread the Bundesliga. The tactics, the attacking and defensive football, and the level of the football players were not problematic. The club’s logo, which resembled Leipzig’s sponsor, Red Bull, too much, was the issue. Red Bull also possessed over 50% of the club and the German football association didn’t allow this. Red Bull altered the structure of the club instantly so RB Leipzig could show the world their skills in the Bundesliga. They never obtained a place lower than sixth in the rankings of the Bundesliga since they have been playing in the league, except for season 2022/23. They ended up 14th that season. But it’s still a great accomplishment of the club, isn’t it?  

Visit Leipzig during football trip

You can explore the nice city of Leipzig during your football trip to RB Leipzig. There’s enough to do in the great city, so make use of this opportunity and discover Leipzig before or after a football match of RB Leipzig. Would you rather visit another city? The German capital city of Berlin is only two hours away from Leipzig by car. This means that you could also travel to this historical city after a football game of RB Leipzig and finish your trip there. Number 1 Football Travel would love to help you plot your trip!

Book a football trip to RB Leipzig?

There are a number of guarantees attached to a football trip to RB Leipzig. Number 1 Football Travel will make sure you stay in a hotel located in the city’s centre including breakfast. Don’t be afraid of not sitting next to your friends or family in the stadium because we always arrange a maximum of three seats next to each other. We offer our football trips for the best prices, and we do not ask any additional booking fees. It doesn’t get better than this, does it? Book your football trip to RB Leipzig fast!

We wish you an amazing time during your football trip to RB Leipzig!

Please note that the exact times and dates of the Bundesliga matches are usually confirmed by the DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga 6-8 weeks before the match. Due to European competition and live TV broadcast the time and day of the match can be changed. Therefore our package deals are mostly from Saturday till Monday to cover all possible match dates. Of course it is possible to book 1 night once the dates have been confirmed. You will recognize these confirmed matches by the orange ‘date confirmed’ sticker.