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Are you interested in a football trip to Aston Villa FC? The club took part in establishing the Football League in 1888 and that’s one of the reasons why Aston Villa will always be respected in English football. Do you want to know more? Read everything about Aston Villa on our website and book your football trip to Aston Villa easily and quickly online. Have fun!

Nice to know before a football trip to Aston Villa

Aston Villa’s history is rich and the club has experienced many victories. The club was established in 1874 by four cricket players. It was initially intended only for cricket, but rugby and football areas were created for the ones who wanted to stay involved with sports during the winter break. That is the reason why Aston Villa FC was founded, coincidentally around one year before the foundation of the city rival Birmingham City, who changed names into Small Heath Alliance in 1905. The Villa Park Stadium can for that reason be used for rugby matches and other events, like concerts. The collision of a stand that took the lives of 96 people in the Villa Park Stadium initiated that every stadium in England had to be turned into an all-seater stadium. It’s no longer possible to stand amongst the diehard fans during a football trip to England, but no worries: the exhiliration of the fanatic fans can be felt on every stand in English stadiums. You won’t be bored during a football trip to Aston Villa!

Aston Villa through the years

Aston Villa won five First Divisions titles and three FA Cups after the establishment of the Football League. Their opponents got stronger and stronger, but this didn’t stop them: they added another First Division title and an FA Cup to their name. Aston Villa won another FA Cup after the First World War before they relegated to the Second Division in 1936. Their first trophy after their relegation was won in 1957, but it was followed by a relegation to the Third Division in 1970. The designation of Ron Saunders as coach brought them back to the First Division in 5 years. This prosperity stayed with them in the eighties where they won more titles and their first and only European Cup title. The club has known few victories after the resignation of Saunders as coach. Nonetheless, the club remained stable in the Premier League. Aston Villa truly hopes to play in the top 10 next season. Because of the high level of the competition in the Premier League, this will not be an easy task for the team. But if someone can make it happen, it is Steven Gerrard. Would you like to see the legend of Liverpool bring Aston Villa to a higher level? Book a football tripto Aston Villa and be there!

What to do next to your football trip to Birmingham?Visit Birmingham during your football trip to Aston Villa

Birmingham has got much more to offer than only a football trip to Aston Villa. Did you know that Birmingham is the second biggest city of the UK? That means that there’s enough to explore! The city that is located in the heart of England used to be industrial and was known for its canals. By booking a football trip to Aston Villa, you can instantly take the opportunity to get to know the lively city. You will be able to find all the sights of Birmingham within a walking distance of your hotel. The industrial characteristics are still visible around the canals and in many historical museums that Birmingham offers. There’s no lack of culture in the city, because many art galleries can be visited, as well as stages where bands perform live. Birmingham does not only have a cultural or historical side, but is also ideal for a night out. 

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Book your football trip to Aston Villa and discover everything the industrial city of Birmingham has in store. At Number 1 Football Travel, we offer you the best tips for your stay in Birmingham at the best possible price. For now, we wish you an exciting football trip to Aston Villa! When booking a football trip to Aston Villa, you will be welcomed in a hotel in the centre of Birmingham. Breakfast is always included and there won’t be any additional costs. Cheer on Aston Villa next to your friends and/or family at the home stadium of Aston Villa.

Have an amazing time during your football trip to Aston Villa!

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