Johan Cruijff ArenA

The Johan Cruijff ArenA is the stadium of the most successful club of the Netherlands, Ajax. It’s Ajax’s stadium since 1996. The stadium is locally called the ArenA and is the biggest stadium of the Netherlands with a capacity of 55.865. Not only football matches are being played in the ArenA, but concerts also take place in the stadium.

The origins of the ArenA

Ajax played since its establishment in ‘De Meer’, but they decided it was time for a change in 1989. The final decision was made in 1993 and they started building the ArenA. The most successful club of Holland should have a big stadium and that they have now. This is not only the biggest stadium of Holland, but one of the two stadiums of which the rooftop can be closed when the weather is bad, for example. The stadium was called the Amsterdam ArenA and it changed to the Johan Cruijff ArenA in 2018 to honour the club’s hero. Visit a football match of Ajax and look around in the legendary Johan Cruijff ArenA!