Wanda Metropolitano

Wanda Metropolitano is a football stadium located in Madrid, Spain. It has been the home base of Atlético Madrid since 2017. The stadium was built in 1994 and it closed in 2004 for renovations. It re-opened in 2017 and today its current capacity is 67,703.

Visit the legendary Wanda Metropolitano

The Wando Metropolitano is more generally known as Estadio La Peinete and its official name is Estadio de la Comunidad de Madrid. We’re not there yet, because the stadium has sold its naming rights and is therefore named Estadio Cívitas Metropolitano, but nobody actually refers to it like that. You might wonder: who used the stadium before it became the home base of Atlético Madrid? The most prominent goal of the construction of the Wanda Metropolitano was to draw the 1997 athletics World Cup to Madrid. This failed, but a match of the Supercopa was hosted at the stadium instead. Madrid wanted to draw the Olympic Games to the city in 2004 which is why the stadium’s big renovation started in that year. This failed, too, and they decided to let it become Atlético Madrid’s home base after.

Wanda Metropolitano’s history

Before Atlético Madrid played at the Wanda Metropolitano, they played at the Estadio Vicente Calderón and before that at the Metropolitano. They decided to call it the Wanda Metropolitano because Wanda became the stadium’s sponsor. The construction of the stadium costed 45 million euros. The renovation that took no less than 13 years costed 240 million euros. The stadium underwent a lot of changes, amongst them the increasing of the capacity from 20,000 to 67,703. Would you like to visit this stunning, renewed stadium? Read about how to easily travel from the city's centre to the stadium below.

Visit Wanda Metropolitano?

The public transport in the Spanish capital is – luckily – excellent. There are several ways to travel from Madrid’s city centre to the Wanda Metropolitano. You can either go by bus or train. You could, of course, also drive to the stadium with your own vehicle – if you have one at your disposal – or by taxi, but this is a little more expensive than the other options. This website explains all the options thoroughly by showing how long each option takes and by how much it costs. Choose the option that suits you best and have an amazing day at the Wanda Metropolitano during your football trip to Atlético Madrid!

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