Football trip to Burnely

A football trip to Burnley can be rapidly and easily booked at Number 1 Football Travel. We will make sure that your all-inclusive football trip won’t miss a thing. Would you like to know more about this fanatic football club? Then you should continue reading!

Football trips to Burnley FC

Burnley FC is an extremely popular club in England, and you can always find the loyal supporters on the stands of Turf Moor. After having completed the season of 2022/23 excellently, they’ve returned to the highest level of English football – the Premier League – and this feels like coming home to the club. Burnley is usually active in the Premier League, but the team has known less glorious periods in which they relegated to the Championship. This time, they are planning on staying in the Premier League.

Burnley in the Premier League

The fact that Burnley is such a beloved club is because they proved themselves many times to the audience. Despite of the many setbacks, they promoted back to the Premier League and they even won the title twice. Now that they are part of the best clubs of England again, they’ll do anything in their power to stay in the Premier League. Would you like to be there when Burnley secures a solid spot in the highest competition of England? Then you should continue reading and discover how to book a football trip to Burnley FC!

Burnley’s rivals

Would you like to visit a football match of Burnley, but are you looking for a match against the most challenging opponent? We know exactly what you’re looking for! Burnley’s biggest rival is Blackburn Rovers but this club was sadly left behind in the Championship. So, unfortunately, you can’t visit the Cotton Mills Derby this season. Another rival of the club is Leeds United, but as Burnley was promoted to the Premier League, Leeds relegated from the league. That's why we suggest you visit a match against one of the top clubs in the Premier League, like Manchester City or Chelsea. All matches of Burnley are great to visit, so you'll undoubtedly have a great time at Turf Moor.

Your unique football trip to Burnley

Did you book a football trip to Burnley? Then you’ll undoubtedly have a great time, and nobody can take that away from you. Number 1 Football Travel’s greatest priority is that you won’t miss a thing during your football trip to Burnley. That’s why we’ll book you a hotel in the centre of the convivial city of Burnley. Breakfast is included in the hotel, so you’ll have a great start of the day. We’ll also make sure that you’ll be seated next to each other in the stadium, unless you travel with a large group. In that case, it might not always be possible to obtain seats next to each other, but we will make sure you’ll be seated as close to each other as possible. We’ll also send you extended travel documents before your departure, so you can enjoy your football trip to Burnley worriless!

Book a football trip to Burnley

Are you excited and would you like to visit a game of the combative Burnley? You can book a fully catered for football trip to England, including football tickets and accommodation, at Number 1 Football Travel. Do you have questions about your football trip to Burnley? WThen we would love to hear from you. You can reach us through phone, mail, or the online chat which you can find at the right bottom of the page. In case you have questions during your football trip, you can contact your personal travel agent 24 hours a day.

Have a great time during your football trip to Burnley!