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Have you always dreamed of going on a football trip to Leicester City FC? Number 1 Football Travel will book you a hotel that’s located in the centre of the city including breakfast. Continue reading and discover what else we offer during your football trip to Leicester City!

Our football travels to Leicester City

Watching a football match of Leicester City will be even more fun when you know something about the history of the club. Leicester City FC was founded by former pupils of Wygesston school in 1884 and was called Leicester Fosse. This name changed into the known Leicester City in 1919 due to financial problems. Leicester didn’t settle on a location until 1891, which would be their residence for the coming 111 years. The players started to think the stadium got a bit small, which resulted in the erection of a new stadium: the Walkers Stadium. The stadium got a new owner because of financial problems and the name changed to King Power Stadium. The club joined the Football League in 1894 and promoted 14 years later to the First Division. This happened again in 1925 where they ended up on a second place.

What to expect during your football trip to Leicester City

The headlines were reached again when Mat Gillies was designated to be the coach and The Foxes won the FA Cup finals and won a League Cup. After a period of promoting and relegating the club won two more League Cups in 1997 and 2000. Leicester City participated in the Championship again after a period of paying off a great amount of money on historically bad transfer signing, but in 2008 they relegated to League One once more. Thanks to the arrival of Nigel Pearson, the Foxes played only one season in League One. They promoted to the Championship again after only one year. Promotion again within 5 years? Leicester City managed to do that and this prestation was not going to be last. After one season Premier League the rather unknown club won the national title of the Premier League: a never seen and unprecedented prestation. A club that was only 10 years before active in the League One, was suddenly better that the European top clubs Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and Arsenal. If that doesn’t show perseverance and resilience, then what does? Experience the zealous and fantastic spirit of the Foxes yourself and book a football trip to Leicester City!

City trip besides football trip Leicester City

Because of the many successes and ambitions of the club, it is being considered to elaborate the stadium. However, the current King Power Stadium is already worth a visit! So, this is the moment to visit a football match of Leicester City. Besides watching a football match in the King Power Stadium, several other sights can be visited and seen in Leicester. The city has been oblivious by society and was not a popular destination for tourists.

Leicester: a tourist attraction

This has changed during the 21st century and the city is now attractive to tourists. The city used to be only known for its popular Walkers Chips, but after Leicester City won the national title in the Premier League, the popularity of the city has risen. De city offers nice excursions like museums, nature reserves and shopping centres. The city also offers a little insight into the Asian culture: a part of the city is utterly based on South Asia and her popular cuisine, where you can enjoy your favourite Asian dish during your football trip to Leicester City FC!

Book a football trip to Leicester City?

Number 1 Football Travel will book your football trip to Leicester City easily and quickly. We offer you a completely tailored trip and book a hotel that is located centrally in the city, so that everything is reachable for you in the city. Breakfast will also be included in the hotel. You don’t have to worry about missing your friends and/or family in the stadium, because you will be seated next to each other (up until 3 persons, otherwise as close by each other as possible). Would you love to see Leicester City, but have you got no idea what match will be extra thrilling? A match between Leicester City and their biggest rival Nottingham Forest guarantees fireworks on the field. However, a match against Derby County, Aston Villa or one of the many clubs that play in the Premier League is certainly worth a visit, too. Furthermore, we will provide you with the best tips during your stay in the beautiful city of Leicester after booking your football trip to Leicester City.

We wish you an amazing football trip to Leicester City FC!

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