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Do you want to go on a football trip to Royal Antwerp? You can book one at Number 1 Football Travel! Visit a football match of Royal Antwerp at the Bosuil Stadium and discover what the Belgium city of Antwerp has to offer.

Our football trips to Royal Antwerp

It might be nice to know something about the Belgium football club before going on your football trip. Royal Antwerp Football Club, more commonly known as Royal Antwerp, Antwerp or RAFC, comes from the district of Deurne, which is located in Antwerp. Royal Antwerp was the first football club that was established in Belgium. The club was established in 1880 and was called Antwerp Cricket Club. Root numbers were designated to Antwerp in 1926 which makes them the oldest, still existing club of Belgium. This title would be appointed to Brussels Football Club, but this club didn’t exist anymore back then. Antwerp is the first football club to join the Royal Belgium Football Association because of this.

The establishment of Royal Antwerp

The club was established in 1880. Several kinds of sports were exercised here and even a match against the British Navy crew took place sometimes. Cricket and tennis were viewed as summer sports after a while, and rugby and football were played during wintertime. Football was introduced in Belgium in 1887. Royal Antwerp was one of the clubs that founded the Belgium Football Association when more Belgium football clubs were founded.

An intense rivalry was born between Royal Antwerp and Beerschot AC at the start of the twentieth century. The reason for this was because many footballers of Royal Antwerp transferred to Beerschot AC, which resulted in Royal Antwerp plummeting in the rankings. A match between the two clubs is a derby and is known as Ploeg van ‘t Stad (Team of the City). This match is taken seriously by both clubs, and they both fight hard to win. They even hire more security during a match between the clubs. Since this is one of the most exciting matches in Belgium it’s highly recommended to visit this match during a football trip to Royal Antwerp!

Royal Antwerp’s success

Belgium love Royal Antwerp and this is due to them playing in the highest competition of Beglium. Another reason is that they were the last Belgian football club to win an international competition. The highest level of Belgium football is called the Eerste Klasse (First Division) and Royal Antwerp won this competition four times. They won the Belgian Cup three times and they won three international competitions.

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