Stade Vélodrome

The Stade Vélodrome is a multifunctional stadium in Marseille, France. The stadium is the home base of football club Olympique Marseille. With a capacity of 67,000 it is the largest stadium in France. The stadium was built in 1937 and has been renovated several times. L’OM has been playing at the Stade Vélodrome since 1970.

Discover the multifunctional Stade Vélodrome

Marseille’s stadium is officially named 'Orange Vélodrome' due to a sponsorship, but it’s more generally known as Stade Vélodrome. The stadium has witnessed magnificant tournaments: two World Cups were hosted in the stadium, three European Championships and a ruby World Cup. The stadium is, obviously, in need of refurbishment after such amazing matches. The Stade Vélodrome was renovated and modernised thoroughly three times, especially before a great event that would take place in the stadium.

Stade Vélodrome’s history

Renown architect Henri Ploquin was assigned to design a stadium in 1935. The stadium was predominantly used for cycling races at the time. These races grew to be less common, so they built stands around the field. Olympique Marseille fans were extremely happy with this new construction because more supporters were able to visit the matches now. The Stade Vélodrome wasn’t officially Olympique Marseille’s home ground yet. In between the wars, they played at the Stade de L’Huveaune. They weren’t allowed to stay there after World War II, so the city council of Marseille agreed in them moving to the Stade Vélodrome.

Visit the Stade Vélodrome?

You can reach the Stade Vélodrome easily through public transportation. From Marseille’s city centre, you could travel by train or bus towards the stadium. It only takes ten minutes by train and 13 by bus. You’ll find all information regarding which train or bus you should take and about where you should hop on and hop off a train or bus at this website. Would you like to walk to the stadium? It takes around 40 minutes to walk from the city’s centre to the stadium. Make sure you leave well in advance because it can be busy on matchdays. Would you like to visit the Stade Vélodrome during a match of L’OM? Then you should book your football trip to Olympique Marseille quickly!

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