Celtic Park

Celtic Park is a football stadium located in the Parkhead area of Glasgow, Scotland. The stadium has a capacity of 60,982 and is the home base of Celtic FC. Celtic Park was opened in 1892 and is also called Paradise or Parkhead, named after the nearby cemetery.

Visit the epic Celtic Park

Celtic Park is the largest stadium of Scotland. This wasn’t the first stadium where Celtic played in; they first played on another location. It probably won’t startle you, but the record attendance at the stadium was measured during the legendary Old Firm, which is played between Celtic and Rangers FC. Many important and big matches were hosted at Celtic Park and not solely football matches. Hurling matches and track cycling matches also took place at the stadium. Great artists like The Who and U2 gave concerts at the stadium, as well.

Celtic Park’s history

The new ground where Celtic would play after 1892 was a great spectacle. A journalist stated that Celtic departed a graveyard and entered a paradise. That’s where the nickname Paradise comes from. Another journalist said this was the best ground of Great-Britain. Celtic received a lot of fans because of this, and, from the beginning, every match was packed. An arson destroyed a great part of the north stand. A grand renovation took place in 1829 and the club had to move temporarily. The stadium was renovated several other times and turned into the stadium we know today.

Visit Celtic Park?

It takes around 30 minutes to get to Celtic Park from Glasgow’s city centre. You could hop on bus two from Argyll Arcade to St. Michaels Lane. You only need to walk five more minutes to the stadium. You can also take bus 60 to East Wellington Street. Hop on at Ingram Street and walk, after you arrive, another couple of minutes to the stadium. If you rather travel by train, then you should board train ScotRail headed towards Motherwell at Glasgow Central Station and disembark at Dalmarnock. You need to walk a little while from this station to the stadium. Would you like to visit the largest stadium of Scotland? Then you should book your football trip to Celtic rapidly!

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