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Are you interested in a football trip to FC Union Berlin? You'll stay in a hotel located in the city's centre of the beautiful city of Berlin during your football trip to FC Union Berlin. Breakfast will be included, and you will cheer FC Union Berlin on next to your friends and/or family. Number 1 Football Travel will book your trip carefully and for the best prices without any additional booking costs. Read everything about the club below and book your football trip to Union Berlin easily and quickly online!

Nice to know about our football trips to Union Berlin

The club was already in the regional top division after five years of its existence and appointed the Sportanlage Sadowa as their stadium. This stadium is now known as Stadion An der Alten Försterei, where they still play in today. FC Union Berlin is not the name the club started to play with in 1906. The club was formed out of an amalgamation of three clubs which became known as FC Olympia 06 Oberschönewiede. One club decided to withdraw, which was followed with a change of name to Union Oberschönewiede. The name changed again during the Cold War where Germany got split into two parts.

How Union Berlin came to be

The club was now called BSC Moto Oberschönewiede and was part of a factory, which changed the colours of the club to red and white. The club did not get the chance to show their skills because of the wall that was erected in Berlin, which formed the east and west block. In 1966, the club finally received the name FC Union Berlin, and everyone was allowed to join the club. This was very rare after the Cold War, since many clubs were still possessed by the army or security systems.

Union Berlin is the 56th team that has been added to the Bundesliga and has captured even more hearts in East Germany. The club can finally show what they’ve got and are being cheered on by the many fans who support their club. A football trip to Union Berlin will surely give you goosebumps!

Union Berlin’s successes

Despite of the bad luck the club has experienced; they have won a number of titles. They have played in the Liga 3 for the majority of the time, which they won in 2009 and that resulted in the promotion to the popular Bundesliga 2. The club had already won several other titles before this promotion: five Berlin cups, two Berlin-Brandenburg Championships an East German Cup, a Gauliga Berlin-Brandenburg, an Oberliga Berlin, a DFB Cup Finalist and a German Championship Runners-up. The club will give their all during matches and strive for victory in the Bundesliga. If you want to visit an exciting football match, a football match to Union Berlin would be the perfect choice!

What else to do during your football travel to Union Berlin

As mentioned earlier, Berlin’s history is rich. Particularly because of the wars where Germany was involved in and because of Berlin being the capital city of Germany. There are still many remainders of these historical events that can be found in the city. Instances of these are the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie and the Brandenburger Tor, which symbolizes the unition and freedom of the country. The city has got much more to offer and many more sights to visit besides the football trip to Union Berlin. Modern architecture can be found in the city, too,besides the interesting museums, lively neighbourhoods and you shouldn't forget to taste the wonderful Berlin kitchen!

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