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Football trips to Watford are getting more and more popular. Are you looking for a football trip to Watford? Then you should continue reading and discover all our tips which will make your football trip to Watford perfect.

Our football trips to Watford

Watford Football Club is based in Hertfordshire, England. Watford is situated northwest of London. The club Watford FC was established in 1881 and was named Watford Rovers. They have been playing all their home matches in Vicarage Road since 1922 and the stadium has a capacity of 21.500. Watford won the FA Cup in 1984 and this is when the club started to achieve many successes. They promoted to the Premier League in 1999 when they won the play-off against Bolton Wanderers. They were the first club in history that promoted from League One to the highest football division of England within two seasons. However, the club relegated that same year and have been playing in the Championship for years.

Football trips to Watford in Championship

After having had several chances of promotion to the Premier League, the club succeeded in the season of 2014/15. The club's results were decent in the Premier League, until The Hornets relegated in 2020. They promoted back to the Premier League after one year and relegated that same season. It is a great loss for the Premier League, but an amazing acquisition for the Championship: the more reason to visit several matches during a football trip to London. You could check out the difference of Premier League football and Championship football! Do you want to visit Watford in the Championship this season? Roy Hodgson’s club has a nice selection. See how players like Joshua King will try to get rid of the yo-yo-effect and promote to the Premier League with the aim of remaining there. That's why this is the perfect season to visit a match of The Hornets in the Championship. Book your football trip to Watford FC easily and quickly online on Number 1 Football Travel.

Combine your football trip to Watford with other London clubs

Besides the fact that Watford is an interesting football club for a football trip, Watford’s location is advantageous: the underground brings you to the heart of London within one and a half hour. Therefore, you can combine your football trip to Watford with visiting the many sights of London. You cannot only combine your football trip with visiting sights, but also with visiting another football match in the Championship or Premier League of one of the many clubs in London. Visit, for example, another football match in the same weekend, like Chelsea or Arsenal, or go on a tour in the brand-new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Discover London during your football trip to Watford

Because of Watford'd ideal location you’ll get to London within one and a half hour through underground. We will provide you with an extended travel document which will contain information about London. You can visit all the sights of London, for example:

  • Tower Bridge
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Buckingham Palace
  • London Eye
  • The Big Ben

And, of course, many more, like shopping in Harrods and Oxford Street. But don’t forget to drink a beer in one of the English pubs and go a night out in the lively city of London. We will provide you with the best advise for your football trip to Watford.

Football trip to Watford with Number 1 Football Travel

Our football trips to Watford always include hotel accommodation(s), including breakfast and match ticket(s). We can also book you a retour flight so you can enjoy your unforgettable football trip without worries. The hotels are always located in the centre of the city and are being carefully selected. Therefore, you can combine your football trip with visiting the beautiful sights in London or another football match of a London club. You can book your football trip to Watford easily and quickly at Number 1 Football Travel.

We wish you a pleasant football trip to Watford!

Please note that the exact times and dates of the Championship matches are usually confirmed by the English Football Association 6-8 weeks before the match. Due to European competition and live TV broadcast the time and day of the match can be changed. Therefore our package deals are mostly from Saturday till Monday to cover all possible match dates. Of course it is possible to book 1 night once the dates have been confirmed. You will recognize these confirmed matches by the orange ‘date confirmed’ sticker.