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A football trip to the League Cup can be easily and rapidly booked at Number 1 Football Travel. Are you curious about what your football trip will look like and how you can book it? Then you should continue reading!

A football trip to the League Cup

The EFL Cup (The English Football League Cup) more commonly known as the League Cup is an English football cup tournament which now has a knock-out system. The tournament was founded to give clubs the chance to play more matches during weekdays and during the evening. It was also intended to stimulate clubs to install lightning in their stadiums, since this obligation got ignored by most clubs. Only clubs from the four highest divisions of English football are allowed to participate in the tournament. The Cup used to be known as the Worthless Cup, but, luckily, the Cup gets more and more popular today.

Record-holder of the League Cup

The League Cup exists out of four rounds, followed by a semi-final and it gets concluded with a final that always takes place at the Wembley stadium in London. Number 1 Football Travel organises football trips to the League Cup for Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur. Liverpool was the last to win the League Cup and has also won the most Cups of this competition. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see this top club battle for another championship? Continue reading to find out what Number 1 Football Travel arranges for you during your football trip to the League Cup.

Book a football trip to the League Cup

You can book your football trip to the League Cup for the best prices including hotel accommodation and match ticket(s) at Number 1 Football Travel. The hotel we’ll book for you has been selected with great care and is always in the centre of the English city you’ll visit. Breakfast is included within the price you’re paying for the hotel. This way, you can easily combine your football trip with discovering the most beautiful sights of your destination. If you want to visit another club in the League Cup, then you should contact us because we can always arrange something for you!

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Have fun during your football trip to the League Cup!

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