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Sport Lisboa e Benfica, simply referred to as Benfica, is a Portuguese football club playing in the top flight of the Portuguese football league system, the Primeira Liga. The club was originally founded in 1904 as Sport Lisboa, but after a merger in 1908 its name was changed into Sport Lisboa e Benfica. The club is based in Lisbon, and plays all its home matches in the Estádio da Luz. The stadium has a capacity of over 65,000. O Glorioso (the glorious) are one of the ‘Big Three’ clubs in Portugal that have never been relegated from the Primeira Liga, along with FC Porto and city-neighbour Sporting CP.

Benfica have won the most titles of the top flight of the Portuguese football league system. They have won 37 League titles and 26 cup finals, Taça de Portugal. Despite their great successes, Benfica haven’t been very successful in European competitions. They have been a runner-up several times, never winning the big titles. People call it the Curse of Bela Guttmann. After the club’s head coach Guttman stormed out over 50 years ago because his request for a pay rise was turned down, the club has failed in every single one of its subsequent European title clashes. Gutmann had left the club saying: “not in a hundred years from now will Benfica ever be European Champion.”

The past few years Benfica have won the league title several times, except for the 2017-18 season. Benfica secured the second place with just two points behind FC Porto. With new head coach Bruno Lage, the Encarnados (the Reds) will do anything to get their hands on the league title once again. 

At Number 1 Football Travel you can book a football trip to this great club in Portugal. Visiting one of the Benfica-matches is a perfect opportunity to also enjoy the beautiful city of Lisbon. A football trip to Lisbon can be perfectly combined with the cities’ many highlights, such as the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, the Torre de Belém or shopping area Rua Augusta. You can also dine at the many nice restaurants and enjoy the great nightlife of the city.

At Number 1 Football Travel you can book a perfectly organised football trip to Lisbon. We guarantee group seating up to 3 people together with good views of the field. All our hotel accommodations include breakfast and are located in the city centre.

Should you have any further questions regarding your football trip to Benfica please let us know and we’ll be happy to help you.

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Please note that the exact times and dates of the Primeira Liga matches are usually confirmed by the Portuguese Football Federation 2-3 weeks before the match. Due to European competition and live TV broadcast the time and day of the match can be changed. Therefore our package deals are mostly from Saturday till Monday to cover all possible match dates. Of course it is possible to book 1 night once the dates have been confirmed. You will recognize these confirmed matches by the orange ‘date confirmed’ sticker.

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