Werder Bremen

Sportverein Werder Bremen von 1899 e.V. – simply known as Werder Bremen – is a German football club from the city Bremen. The club was founded in 1899 and has always played at the top flight of German football. They were relegated from the Bundesliga only once, in 1980-81. After playing in the 2. Bundesliga for one season, they were promoted back again. Ever since 1924, they have been playing in their current stadium, the Weserstadion, which has been renovated several times. Nowadays, it has a capacity of 42.100.

The past 9 years, Werder Bremen have taken a mid-tier position in the Bundesliga. Before that time they were performing better, ending 2nd, 3rd and even 1st place several times. In total, they have won the Bundesliga 4 times and the DFB-Pokal 6 times. Werder Bremen are known for their green and white colours, giving them their nickname Die Grün-Weißen (The Green-Whites).

Last season, under head coach Florian Kohfeldt, they ended 8th place in the Bundesliga. Next season they will do anything to make their way back to the top tier of the German football league system again.

A football trip to Werder Bremen is a great experience and a good opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Bremen, too. The city, with over 557,000 inhabitants, is the second most populous city in Northern Germany. It has many museums, cathedrals and historical galleries, Bremen Cathedral being the most famous of all. Moreover, the Bremen City Hall, which earned a UNESCO World Heritage status in 2004, is definitely worth a visit.

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