Racing Genk

A football trip to KRC Genk is truly unforgettable. The full name of the club is Koninklijke Racing Club Genk, but it’s usually simply referred to as Genk. Would you like to know more about the club, the city and the stadium? Then you should continue reading!

A football trip to KRC Genk

KRC Genk is an amalgamation of former football clubs KFC Winterslag and Waterschei SV Thor. Both clubs experienced glory eras in the past. After the two clubs were fused in 1988, the results were not very successful. KRC Genk started playing at the highest professional level of Belgian football, but they relegated after only one season. They promoted a couple of years after and impressed everyone with their results; they won the Belgian Cup two years after their promotion and De Smurfen (The Smurfs) celebrated their first national championship a year after that. Their glory era had begun.

KRC Genk’s glory era

Coach René Vandereycken made KRC Genk successful. They won another Belgian Cup and national championship afterwards. Their second Jupiler Pro League title bought them a ticket to the Champions League. Unfortunately, KRC Genk wasn’t as successful in the European tournament. The club entered an unsuccessful period when a new coach was assigned. The results went downhill, and this went on for quite some time… KRC Genk recovered themselves and they’re doing great in the Belgian league now. This is shown in the rankings of the Jupiler Pro League in which they often end in the top three. We therefore expect a lot from KRC Genk this season!

Visit the Cegeka Arena during football trip

You’re very lucky when you go on a football trip to KRC Genk, because this means you’ll visit a home game of a Belgian top club at the Cegeka Arena. The games of KRC Genk were already incredibly popular in the past, which is why almost every match was entirely sold-out. The stadium has been expanded three times since 1999 because of that. The capacity of the Cegeka Arena is 23,718 and the stadium is almost always packed. So, would you like to visit a home match of KRC Genk at the Cegeka Arena? Then you should buy tickets fast, before they’re sold-out!

KRC Genk matches

Are you not sure which match of KRC Genk you’d like to visit and are you wondering which would be the most spectacular? We’d love to help you choose. Since KRC Genk has returned to the Belgian top, it’s, obviously, amazing to visit a match against another top club, like Royal Antwerp, KAA Gent or Club Brugge. Games played between top clubs are always highly recommended, partly due to the passion both teams omit when they battle on the field. The atmosphere is just a little tenser when the game is played against an archrival. If you want a taste of KRC Genk’s true combativeness, then you must visit a game against either Sint Truiden VV or Standard Luik. 

Our guarantees regarding football trips to KRC Genk

Number 1 Football Travel strives to make a success of every football trip. The same goes for your football trip to KRC Genk. That’s why we book you a hotel in the city’s centre, in which breakfast is included. You can start your day well-rested this way. We’ll also arrange seats next to each other in the stadium. This is not possible for groups bigger than three persons, but don’t worry. In that case, we’ll make sure to get you seats as close to each other as possible. Furthermore, you’ll also book your football trip for the best prices at Number 1 Football Travel and we won’t ask any additional booking fees. Does this sound good to you? Then you should book your football trip to KRC Genk at Number 1 Football Travel!


Book your football trip to KRC Genk

You can book your football trip to KRC Genk easily and rapidly at Number 1 Football Travel. Discover the convivial city of Genk and have an amazing time amongst the fanatic supporters of the Genkies at the Cegeka Arena! The only thing you have to do is pack your bags. Do you have any questions or would you like to inform us about your wishes regarding your football trip? You can either call us, mail us, or contact us through our contact form.

Have fun during your football trip to KRC Genk!