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A football trip to Newcastle United is something many suporters would like to do. The authentic atmosphere of the club, the beautiful stadium and Newcastle’s night life are exactly why a football trip to Newcastle is so popular. Would you like to know more about a football trip to Newcastle United? Continue reading and discover everything about Newcastle United!

Why you have to visit Newcastle United this year!

Newcastle United, also referred to as The Magpies, was founded in 1881 and was named Stanley. The club is known for its characteristic black-white tenue which is believed to be the club’s lucky charm according to the supporters. The nickname The Magpies was also derived from this tenue. You’ll visit the St. James’ Park in Newcastle upon Tyne – where the club has been playing all its home matches since 1892 – during your football trip to Newcastle United. Newcastle’s stadium has a capacity of around 52.000 and is sold-out every match. Newcastle United rivals top Premier League clubs, like Manchester United in terms of attendance. Even while Newcastle United has been playing in the middle regions of the competition for years now and is sometimes on the verge of relegation.

Will Newcastle United go to the top?

Why should you book a football trip to Newcastle United this year? Newcastle United has become one of the richest clubs of the world in 2021 thanks to three rich sponsors. We only have to wait for Newcastle forming an amazing team with high-skilled footballers who are going to help Newcastle to the top! You’ll understand that Newcastle United’s diehard supporters were crazy happy about this investment. The three Saudi Investment companies Public Investment Fund (PIF), PCP Capital Partners and RB Sports & Media took over the shares of club owner Mike Ashley for €350 million. The three companies together have an estimated fortune of 350 billion euros.

It's not weird to think Newcastle’s supporters were crazy happy about the investments, if you look at other clubs that were taken over by wealthy Arabs like Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City and Chelsea. All these clubs were playing in the middle regions of their country’s football competitions, and they all belong to the best football clubs of European competitions now. Newcastle cannot only expect great players to join their team shortly, but they can also expect more fans.

Newcastle United’s rivals

Newcastle United’s biggest rival is the club Sunderland, which is located close by. Both clubs have been fighting for honour since 1898 during the Tyne-Wear derby. Manchester United, Middlesbrough and Liverpool are also seen as rivals of the club. A couple of new and amazing derbies will originate if the club gains more success…

The biggest successes of Newcastle were gained at the start of the nineties. The Magpies were promoted to the Premier League in the season of 2016/17 after winning the Championship. Will 2023 become Newcastle’s year? Fans are hoping that the Sleeping Giant of England will find its way to the top. Will you be there? Book your football trip to Newcastle United now!

Combine your football trip to Newcastle United with a city trip

Besides the impressive stadium and football, there are so many sights to visit in Newcastle. You could, for example, visit The Garth Keep Castle, the perfect spot to watch over the city. it’s also recommendable to travel to the district of Ouseburn where nice pubs, cafés and fun festivals are waiting for you. You can enjoy the nice atmosphere in this district and you can always visit it for a cup of coffee or a drink.

Football trips to Newcastle United on Number 1 Football Travel

All our football trips include hotel accommodation(s) and match ticket(s), where our hotel accommodations always include breakfast. Our hotels are in the centre of the city and can be reached through public transportation or by a taxi. We also guarantee to get you up to three seats next to each other in the stadium. You’ll never sit by yourself this way.

Have fun during your football trip to Newcastle United!