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The Joan Gamper Trophy is an amazing football match which every football fan would love to visit someday. Travel to the beautiful Barcelona and visit this fantastic football match! You should continue reading and keep an eye on this page if you want to go on a football trip to the Joan Gamper Trophy.

A football trip to Joan Gamper Cup 

The Joan Gamper Trophy, also known as Joan Gamper Cup, is an annual football match in Barcelona, organised by FC Barcelona at Camp Nou. This friendly match is held in August, before the start of the football season. It is named after the founding member of FC Barcelona, Swiss football player Hans Gamper, who is referred to as Joan Gamper in Catolonia.
The Joan Gamper Trophy is held at the beginning of the season, and several festivities are held around the stadium. FC Barcelona’s new players are also introduced at this match.

The history of the Joan Gamper Trophy

The Joan Gamper Cup didn't always have the shape it now has. Four matches were initially played in this Trophy. Barcelona invited Anderlecht, Nantes and 1. FC Köln to the first Joan Gamper Trophy. FC Barcelona won the competition the most. If a match ends in a draw, then the game doesn't get extended with 30 minutes – which usually is the case when games end in a draw – but both teams have to participate in a series of penalties. The team that manages to score the most goals wins. The tension is extremely high during this penalty shoot-out.

The record-holder of the Joan Gamper Trophy

Lionel Messi holds several records in the history of the Joan Gamper Trophy, and, honestly, how could it be any different? His first record is that he is the only player to has ever won the man of the match award in the Joan Gamper Trophy more than once; he won it four times. Secondly, he is the only player who scored in six consecutive editions. Unfortunately, you can no longer see Messi play in a match of the Joan Gamper Cup - unless the match takes place between FC Barcelona and PSG - but don’t worry; there are still enough other top footballers that play in FC Barcelona!

A football trip to the Joan Gamper Cup

How much fun would it be to start the football season with visiting a football match in the sunny Spain? You can book a completely catered for football trip to the Joan Gamper Cup. We’ll book you a hotel which is located in the centre of Barcelona, including breakfast, so you’ll be able to go sight-seeing in the city. We’ll also arrange a maximum of three seats next to each other in the stadium and, of course, seats which provide you with an amazing view on the field.

Do you still have any questions about a football trip to the Joan Gamper Cup? We’ll be ready to answer all your questions!

Have a wonderful time during your football trip to the Joan Gamper Cup!

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