OGC Nice

Would you like to book a football trip to OGC Nice? Number 1 Football Travel is the place to be. Read more about this fantastic club and what must be included in your football trip to OGC Nice below.

A football trip to OGC Nice

The football club was founded in 1908 in the French seaside town of Nice. OGC Nice participated in the professional football league of France right after its establishment. However, their career did not start as expected and they relegated after only two seasons. The South-French team flourished after the Second World War. They won the national league title no less than four times in ten years’ time. OGC Nice was seen as a top club and many football supporters designated them as their favourite football club. OGC Nice was allowed to participate in European competitions several times, due to the national championships but their foreign opponents were too strong for them. It went a little downhill after this amazing peak in OGC Nice’s career. They even relegated a number of times. The last relegation took place a long time ago and they’re always able to obtain a spot in the middle of the rankings in the Ligue 1 now.

Football match of OGC Nice

OGC Nice has got many loyal fans and they can always be found at the Allianz Riviera when their club plays a home game. They create an epic atmosphere at the stadium which is why visiting a match of OGC Nice will be absolutely amazing. You do need to choose which match you’d like to visit. Matches against top club Paris Saint-Germain are always recommended when going on a football trip to France but matches against Olympique Marseille, Monaco or FC Lorient are also worth a visit. Matches played against clubs that are ranked in the middle of the Ligue 1 might even be more exhilarating, since these clubs play on the same level and have the same goal.

Discover Nice during football trip

Number 1 Football Travel totally understands that a football trip doesn’t only revolve around football. That’s why we provide you with extended travel documents before your departure so you can enjoy the seaside town of Nice ultimately. You could visit a club or a bar after OGC Nice’s match, for instance, or go to bed early so you’ll have plenty of time to visit all the sights of the city the following day. This well-known city in France has got so much to offer culturally, which makes it the perfect city to combine a football trip with. Book your football trip to OGC Nice and discover the fancy city of Nice!

Football trip OGC Nice guarantees

Number 1 Football Travel excels in booking successful football trips and has been doing so for over ten years. This is partly due to the fact that we guarantee a couple of things to make your football trip amazing. These guarantees are:

  • A centrally located hotel
  • Breakfast is included in the hotel
  • No extra booking fees
  • A maximum of three seats next to each other in the stadium
  • You can reach our staff 24/7

Book a football trip to OGC Nice

Would you like to book a football trip to the fanatic OGC Nice? Number 1 Football Travel makes sure your football trip doesn’t miss a thing. Don’t wait too long and book your football trip to OGC Nice at Number 1 Football Travel before it’s sold-out. We’re always at your service and provide you with the best advice for your football trip.

Have fun during your football trip to OGC Nice!

Please note that the exact times and dates of the Ligue 1 matches are usually confirmed by the French Football Federation 2-3 weeks before the match. Due to European competition and live TV broadcast the time and day of the match can be changed. Therefore our package deals are mostly from Saturday till Monday to cover all possible match dates. You will recognize confirmed matches by the orange ‘date confirmed’ sticker.