Ibrox Stadium

The Ibrox Stadium is located in the Ibrox district in Glasglow, Scotland. It is the home base of football club Rangers FC. The stadium has a capacity of 50,549 and is one of the biggest stadiums of Scotland. It was opened in 1899 and is seen as a true football temple.

Ibrox Stadium

The predecessor of Ibrox Stadium was the Ibrox Park. The first tragedy happened quite fast after its opening of the stadium; a wooden stand collapsed in 1902. This is not the only tragedy that happened at the stadium. Another stand collapsed in 1971 where 66 people died and over 200 were injured. The stadium was rebuilt for the most part. After the renovations took place, three Scottish Cup matches were hosted at the stadium and it’s been a concert venue ever since.

Ibrox Stadium’s history

The Ibrox Stadium opened with the legendary Old Firm. There’s not better way to open a stadium, right? The rebuilding of the stadium costed ten million pounds, which meant the club experienced financial difficulties afterwards. The capacity of the stadium had decreased, so the Rangers’ matches weren’t visited as often as they used to be. Fans found the stands less atmospheric because of the great spaces in between them. But chairman David Holmes saved the day and changed this. He bought several top players which made the season ticket holder sale go up from 7,000 to 30,000. The revenues also went up because of this; from 239,000 pounds to two million. No more financial problems!

Visit Ibrox Stadium?

There are two ways to get from Glasgow’s city centre to the Ibrox Stadium. You could board the metro headed towards Outer Circle from St. Enoch and then you disembark the metro at Ibrox. This option takes 20 minutes. Bus nine will also bring you the stadium. Hop on at Union Street and hop off at Merrick Gardens. This takes around 25 minutes. Would you like to visit the Scottish Ibrox Stadium during a football match of the Rangers? Or would you even like to visit the legendary Old Firm? Then you should take a look at our offer of football trips to the Rangers FC!