Santiago Bernabéu

The Bernabéu Stadium, officially Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, is a football stadium located in the city centre of Madrid, Spain. It is the home base of great club Real Madrid. The Bernabéu Stadium opened in 1947 and has been renovated several times. Its current capacity is 81,044. It is one of the world's most famous football venues and it has an elite status given by the UEFA, which makes the stadium perfect for hosting European tournaments or matches of the national Spanish team.

Experience the legendary ambience at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is the second largest stadium in Spain, after Camp Nou in Barcelona. The stadium’s name changed to Santiago Bernabéu in 1955; it was named after a former footballer and former club president of Real Madrid. The Santiago Bernabéu is a world-famous football stadium and four Champions League finals were hosted at the stadium. The stadium was also put to use during the 1982 World Cup. These weren’t the only big tournaments that were held at the impressive stadium…

Santiago Bernabéu’s history

The construction of the stadium started in 1944, so Real Madrid played somewhere else before: at the Estadio Metropolitano. When the stadium was finished in 1947, Real Madrid opened the stadium with an inauguration match against the Portuguese club Os Belenenses. The name of the stadium was Estadio Real Madrid Club de Fútbol, but it was more generally referred to as Nuevo Estadio Chamartín (the New Estadio Chamartín). The stadium’s capacity was already 75,145 back then, and renovations took place almost every ten years. The club agreed to another renovation project in 2019 which will cost around 525 million euros. You could therefore imagine that the stadium will look entirely different when the project is finished.

Visit the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

It takes a small 20 minutes to travel from Madrid’s city centre to the stadium. Depart from bus stop Sol to Nuevos Ministerios using bus C4a. From there, you continue your journey with bus 147 to bus stop Santiago Bernabéu. You can also transfer to metro 10 at the station of Nuevos Ministerios, which also transports you to Santiago Bernabéu. The other option is to travel from Sol with metro one to Tribunal. From that station, you transfer to metro 10 to Santiago Bernabéu. Easy peasy, right? Are you excited to visit the truly magnificent stadium? Book your football trip to Real Madrid quickly at Number 1 Football Travel!

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