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Would you like to visit a match in the brand-new UEFA Nations League? You can read everything about the football competition and about how to book a football trip to the UEFA Nations League here!

A football trip to the UEFA Nations League

Many people are wondering what the UEFA Nations League actually is, because it was only established in 2018. International football clubs that are members of the UEFA participate in the competition and it takes place every two years. The tournament is a substitute for the friendly international matches between European male teams. The first match of this competition was played after the World Cup of 2018. Portugal may forever bear the honour of being the first to win this tournament. France was the second to win the title in 2020/21.

What is the UEFA Nations League?

The UEFA Nations League takes place every two years in September, October and November. The 55 members of the UEFA are being divided into four divisions from which A, B and C possess 16 teams and division D possesses seven teams. What team ended up in which division in 2018 was determined by the UEFA-coefficient list. Every division is then divided into groups of three and four and they all play four to six matches. The four victors of division A get to battle each other for the title. The four victors of the divisions B, C and D promote and the four losers of A, B and C relegate to a lower division. Two teams instead of four relegate from division C.

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