Best football trips to the Netherlands

Football matches in the Netherlands get visited a lot. The Eredivisie, which is the highest football competition in the Netherlands, has always been a popular league and is even seventh in the rankings of world’s strongest league. The annual competition is also known for its many goals each game. The great international success of Ajax didn’t go unnoticed; tourists from all over Europe usually visit a match of Ajax when they’re in Amsterdam. Would you like to visit a football game of a Dutch club once? Then you should look at our offer of football trips to the Netherlands below!

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Football trips to the Netherlands

You can easily book your football trip to the Netherlands at Number 1 Football Travel. Our offer consists of football trips to the three most successful clubs of the Netherlands: Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV. The three big clubs won almost every Eredivisie title: Ajax won the title 36 times, PSV 24 times and Feyenoord 15 times. The clubs are known as ‘The Great Three’ in Holland. You could also request football trips to other Dutch clubs. Then you should contact us and we will arrange something for you.

Visit the Classic Dutch match

The most sensational and exciting match in the Netherlands is the match between Ajax and Feyenoord, which is also being referred to as ‘The Classic’ (De Klassieker) in the Netherlands. Tensions run high between the clubs and the supporters in this match. More security is even hired when this match is played and it’s always sold-out. If you’d like to visit this match, then you should book your football trip rapidly before it’s sold-out. This actually counts for all the matches played amongst the Great Three.

Combine your football trip with a city trip

Are you planning on going on a football trip to either Ajax, Feyenoord or PSV? Then you might want to consider prolonging your football trip with one or two days in order to visit the sights of the city. The most popular city is the Dutch capital city of Amsterdam. There’s so much to do and see here, you just won’t have enough time to visit all the sights within two days. The same goes for Rotterdam and Eindhoven. If you’d like to extend your football trip with a couple of days, then you should contact us and we will make sure everything will be arranged.

Guarantees regarding your football trip to the Netherlands

If you book a football trip to Ajax, Feyenoord or PSV at Number 1 Football Travel, then we will make sure everything is fully catered for. You’ll have a fantastic, care-free football trip with these guarantees:

  • A hotel in the centre of the city or right next to the stadium
  • Breakfast
  • Great seats with a view on the field
  • At least three seats next to each other
  • No additional fees
  • The best prices

Book a football trip to the Netherlands?

Are you looking for tickets for your favourite Dutch club or would you like to book a fully catered for football trip? Take a look at our full offer of football trips to the Netherlands and pick the match you’d like to visit. If you have any questions during you trip, your personal travel agent will assist you at all times. Have a great time during your football trip to the Netherlands!