Allianz Stadium

The Juventus Stadium, referred to as Allianz Stadium for sponsorship reasons, is located in Turin (Italy) and is a so-called all-seater football stadium. The Juventus Stadium is the home base of the Italian football club Juventus and it is one of only four club-owned stadiums in Italy's Serie A. The stadium was opened in 2011 and it has a capacity of 41,000.

Discover the Allianz Stadium in Turin

In 2009, the construction of the Allianz Stadium began and it was built on the spot of Juventus’ former stadium: The Stadio delle Alpi. The stadium has an UEFA four-star rating, which means it belongs to one of the better stadiums in Europe. Juventus did well after the opening of the new stadium; they only lost three out of the first hundred matches played at the stadium. A couple of important tournaments were held at the stadium after its opening. The finals of the 2014 Europa League was held at the stadium and the 2021 Nations League, too. The female version of the Champions League finals took place at the stadium, as well.

Allianz Stadium’s history

Before Juventus played at the Stadio delle Alpi, they played at the Stadio Comunale. It can be stated that Juventus fans weren’t really thrilled about the club moving to the Stadio delle Alpi. The stadium was built especially for the 1990 World Cup but the expenses of the stadium's construction were high and it was found to be inaccessible after its completion. Due to the supporters’ dislike towards the stadium, it wasn’t visited much; the average attendance of the stadium was a third of the capacity. Fans were finally satisfied after Juventus had accepted a new project: the construction of the Allianz Stadium. The Allianz Stadium would look more like the beloved Stadio Comunale.

Visit Allianz Stadium?

Luckily, Turin’s city centre and the Allianz Stadium are well-connected with public transport. You can travel to the stadium by using metro one. Disembark at stop Bernini and continue your travel to the stadium by hopping on a shuttle bus that will bring you to the stadium. You could also take metro three. Disembark at stop Pervinche and walk another ten minutes to the Allianz Stadium. Both options take around 30 minutes. Do you have your own vehicle at your disposal? Then you could drive via the A55 to the stadium and you can park at one of the parking areas around the stadium. It’s advisable to book a spot at one of the parking lots beforehand at the club’s official website. Would you like to visit the modern Allianz Stadium? Then you should book your football trip to Juventus at Number 1 Football Travel! 

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