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A football trip to Athletic Bilbao is always a good idea! The club plays in La Liga and competes against challenging opponents. Book your football trip to Athletic Bilbao, visit the renovated stadium, which was opened in 2013, and encourage Athletic Bilbao together with 53,000 spectators surrounded by your companions. Have fun!

A football trip to Athletic Bilbao

Athletic Club is the official name of the famous Spanish club that’s from the Basque country, but the club is commonly known as Athletic Bilbao. When going on a football trip to Athletic Bilbao it might be interesting to know something about the club’s history. You might have noticed that Athletic Bilbao is the only football club in Spain that has got an English name. The foundation of the club is the reason behind the English name. In 1898 two clubs were established: one by British shipyard workers and the other by Basque students who had just returned from their studies in Great Britain. They decided to unite their clubs in 1903 and settled on the name Athletic Bilbao. De club also settled on an agreement that only Basque inhabitants were allowed to become a member of the club.

Thriving years of Athletic Bilbao

This did not take away that the club’s start was exceptional, since they already won their first two Copa del Rey tournaments in 1903 and 1904. This success led to the collection of an amount of money to open a football oriented stadium. The Estadio San Mamés, also known as la Catedral amongst Spaniards, opened in 1913 when the players had saved enough money. The stadium was replaced in 2013, but the stadium’s name remained the same. Visiting the stadium during your football trip to Athletic Bilbao is a great experience!

Your football trip to Athletic Bilbao

Before booking your football trip to Athletic Bilbao, we will dive into the history of the club. Their first two Liga titles were won in 1930 and 1931 when an Englishman was the coach of the club. A Spanish manager took over the club during the thirties who managed to win the club two more La Liga titles and a change of name for a short period: the Spanish version ‘Atlético Bilbao’. It returned to the now known Athletic Bilbao in 1941.

Discover the trophy cabinet of Athletic Bilbao during your football trip

Telmo Zarra went down in history as the top goal scorer of the club and led the club to another League. The success of the team in the 1940s and 1950s will never be forgotten, especially since it went a little downhill afterwards. They were not amongst the top clubs of Spanish football anymore until 1981, when they got themselves a rather aggressive manager. His forceful methods did, however, prove to work, because they won two Liga titles one year afterwards. The forceful methods also started to work on the players’ attitudes. The matches were played combative and turned into fights sometimes. This reputation has remained in the past and they only play friendly matches now.

What else to do during a football trip to Bilbao

Besides visiting an exciting match on the home grounds of Athletic Bilbao, it is rather beneficial to visit Bilbao and admire the beautiful city. A football trip to Athletic Bilbao offers an excellent chance to discover the city and its surroundings. The sights in Bilbao are a stone’s throw away from the centrally located hotels we offer with breakfast included. Bilbao is a modern city, which contains historical aspects and offer interesting museums, nice restaurants and cafés and impressive architecture. Book your football trip to Athletic Bilbao and discover the breathtaking city of Bilbao! Number 1 Football Travel offers you the best tips and we will book your football trip to Athletic Bilbao for the best prices without any additional (booking) costs.

Questions about your football trip to Athletic Bilbao?

In case you still have questions, remarks or extra wishes for your football trip to Athletic Bilbao, we will be happy to answer them. We will do our best to arrange your football trip to Athletic Bilbao down to the last detail. For now, we would like to wish you an amazing football trip to Athletic Bilbao!

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