Millerntor Stadion

The Millerntor Stadium is a football stadium located in the Sankt Pauli area in Hamburg, Germany. It is the home base of 2. Bundesliga football club FC Sankt Pauli. The stadium has a capacity of 29,063.

Discover the ambience at Millerntor Stadion

Sankt Pauli has been playing in the Millerntor Stadion since 1963, when the stadium opened. The club started playing at a piece of ground on which their former stadium was built. The stadium was totally destroyed after World War II and, as a result, the club was forced to move. The Millerntor Stadion had a capacity of 32,000 after the construction was completed, but due to changes in the regulations, this decreased to 29.062. The stadium’s name was Wilhelm-Koch-Stadion between 1970 and 1988. This changed because the man the stadium was named after, appeared to have been a member of the NSDAP. It retrieved its current name we know today. The American football club Hamburg Blue Devils play their home matches in the Millerntor Stadion, as well.

Visit Millerntor Stadion?

There are several ways of traveling from Hamburg’s city centre to the Millerntor Stadion. You could, for example, travel with train S31 towards Altona from the Hamburg Dammtor station. Disembark at Sternschanze and get in Metro U3 towards Wandsbek-Gartenstadt. Then you have to get out at U Feldstrasse and you’re already practically in the stadium. Would you rather not transfer so often? In that case, you could catch bus X3 towards Schenefeld, Schenefelder Platz. Hop on at U Gänsemarkt (Valentinskamp) and hop off at bus stop Feld Street. The stadium will be right in front of you. Would you love to visit a match of the popular Sankt Pauli at the Millerntor Stadion? Then you should book your football trip to Sankt Pauli